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  1. I did a fresh install of 12.0.1 from the CD for Nick. The first 2 times it seemed to import fine. The third time it failed and we received a spinning beach ball of death. I then force quit VW and tried again, and again it stalled and failed. So it seems that reinstalling the program has not fixed the issue. [ 03-22-2006, 11:14 AM: Message edited by: PVanderVossen ]
  2. quote: Originally posted by PVanderVossen: 2) Spreadsheets which have a border set to none on the design layer do not show a border in Vectorworks, but do show a border when creating a PDF. I had to set the pen color to white in order to get rid of the border. If we turn off Quartz imaging this problem goes away. However sometimes (I haven't been able to reproduce this myself) if Quartz is off, schedules have other troubles printing. Apparently sometimes the lines don't show up, and sometimes they don't appear at all. It seems like their are some bugs in the way schedules and quartz interact.
  3. We just switched the company to 12 Architect today, and have noticed a couple things that I figured I would bounce off of this forum. 1) I did a batch convert from a Mac. We have some files that we created on Windows, which utilized the Sans Seriff font. We did not have this font on the Mac during conversion. After conversion, when the files were opened on the Windows machine, the text in that box was gone. 2) Spreadsheets which have a border set to none on the design layer do not show a border in Vectorworks, but do show a border when creating a PDF. I had to set the pen color to white in order to get rid of the border. I am sure I will be adding more once we discover more.
  4. Hopefully this isn't an inappopriate topic. Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) Engineering Firm in Columbia, Maryland is seeking a full time CAD operator with a minimum of 2 years drafting experience. MEP knowledge and Vectorworks experience is preferred. Our office utilizes VW 11.5.1 on the OS X 10.4.2 Platform. Workstations for our best CAD operators are Dual 19" LCD equipped PowerMac G5s. Please send your resume to HR@AllenShariff.com. We are looking for sharp VectorWorks minds.
  5. Not sure of all the details, because I am the System Admin, not a CAD person, but I am getting reports of Annotations being horribly slow in 11.5. We are on Mac OS X 10.3.8. Apparently in some instances they are doing some drawing on the annotations layer. Their seems to be some debate here about whether that is even a smart idea, but now in 11.5 the debate seems to be moot, because it has become an unworkable proposition. Anyone have any similar experience?
  6. While I was creating that image, I noticed it didn't look very good, but I was in a rush and busy. Now that I think about it, I don't know what the hell happened to that drawing. I tried a different one, and it didn't look anything like that, so oh well. What I really wanted to show was what mike showed, Angled lines (and curves) are thicker then 90 degree lines of the exact same line weight. Its the exact same way coming out of Illustrator, so its not a VW issue, its the OS X PDF driver. I think compared to when I tried the OSX "Create PDF" in 10.0, it has definitely improved, but the line thickness thing is still there.
  7. I second the motion. Not being able to resize columns sucks. Architects and Engineers inherently have long file names and long folder names, so not being able to scale the columns makes column mode worthless for opening files. We normally just switch to the list view, feels so OS9 and dirty.
  8. Zoom in and look closely at your curved and angled lines in your OSX created (save to PDF) file. You'll find some not so desireable results. In previous version of OS X their were far worse issues, but overall we found the OS's built in PDF rendering to be unacceptable for CAD work. I made a little JPG screenshot of the issue. 1) OSX Made PDF File 2) Acrobat 6.0 Professional made PDF File 3) Vectorworks http://www.AllenShariff.com/images/PDF_Differences.jpg It may be tough to see that screen shot at that size, but it should be very obvious where the differences are. I definitely recommend 6.0 Professional. It gives you all of the standard ANSI and ARCH paper sizes, and gives you a bunch of extra options that are very helpful in our industry when it comes to viewing and marking up files. [ 03-09-2005, 08:30 AM: Message edited by: PVanderVossen ]
  9. Buy a Mac, VW works much better on a Dual G5 then it ever will on a Windows box. =) Seriously, we run both platforms here, and all of our CAD people prefer to work with VW on a Mac, they say it is much faster, and they even said that when our Apple hardware was 2 years older then our Windows machines.
  10. We seem to be having an issue Copying and Pasting into Text Fields in VW 11 under OSX 10.3.3. We can copy and paste an entire text box no problem, but copying just selected text from within one text box and then pasting it into another text box does not work with Apple-C and Apple-V. It works fine with the menu commands. Apple-C and Apple-V are the correct keys, and they work fine for copying and pasting other objects, just not text within a text box. Anyone else had anything similar, or are we crazy?
  11. From what I can see, Vectorworks stores the Workspaces under the Applications/VectorWorks/Workspaces folder. If I am using Networked Home Folders, and imaging machines, that doesn't do me much good, because users do not have access to the local drive, only their space on the server. How can I get the WorkSpaces to be located in the user's home folder say under Library/Application Support/ or some other more appropriate location?
  12. We are trying to export drawings from 9.5 to a DWG to be used in Autocad 2002 or Autocad LT 2000i. I have created a TIF image of our logo that works fine in both Vectorworks and Autocad, however when I export the TIF is not exported with the drawing. When I make a VW drawing with just the TIF, and export it as a test, my new DWG file size is 11k, obviously without an image in it. I guess the first question is, Is it supposed to export it? And if so, why is ours not working properly. Similairly we cannot import a DWG into 9.5 and have the TIF in the Autocad drawing import. We use both Autocad and Vectorworks here and would like to be able to go back and forth somewhat seamlessly. [ 02-22-2002: Message edited by: Philip Van der Vossen ]
  13. From my experience yes VectorWorks 8.5.1 (we don't use 8.5.2 cuz it sucks) will work in OSX. Yes Vectorworks 9 will work in OSX, both ofcourse are running in Classic mode. Vectorworks is faster in OS9.1 then it is in OSX under classic. According to the person I spoke to on the phone, a OSX version of Vectorworks 9 is planned for June and will be a free upgrade to the current selling version 9. ------------------ Philip Van der Vossen Network and System Administrator Graphic Designer Allen & Shariff Corporation http://www.AllenShariff.com
  14. I work for a MEP/IT Engineering firm in Columbia, Maryland. We are located literally 5 minutes from Nemetschek North America's office so we have been using Vectorworks and Minicad since we first opened for business in 1993. We handle all types of commercial and public buildings and facilties and of course do business with Architects who use a variety of CAD packages. Obviously their are many inherent problems completing a job in Vectorworks for a client that uses AutoCAD or another piece of software. Largely for that reason I thought it would be nice to find Architecture firms in our area that use Vectorworks. Think of all the headaches that could be eliminated from both sides of the project if the entire design team was using the same CAD software. We have offices in Columbia, MD, Washington, DC, Salisbury, MD, and Pittsburgh PA, however we have completed jobs all up and down the East Coast. If you work for an Architecture firm that would be interested in establishing a working relationship with a VectorWorks using MEP firm, please drop me a line and I will have our Marketing Department get in touch with you. Please check out our website for more information about our company. We look forward to sending our files to you without conversion. =) ------------------ Philip Van der Vossen Network and System Administrator Graphic Designer Allen & Shariff Corporation http://www.AllenShariff.com
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