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  1. i'm back...........didn't mean to start a firestorm here! my short time with cad, albeit limited to vectorworks and archicad, tells me that every program has it's strengths and weakness'. the archicad usergroup meetings i/ve been to suggest that the majority, like 90+%, do all their work in archicad. the 2d work can be accomplished in the msa detailer template. it's simpple or i couldn't do it. and it is reportedly, from users, better in ver 8. the price vs. power. will you pay? is really the bottom line. many people on this discussion board complain to no end about the shortcomings of vw. it is a piss off to lose your time, no doubt.i will once again sing the praises of katie and matthew before her. there is no calculable value for their tireless efforts and it NOT their fault! you live with your choices, good or bad, sometimes, like in my case, you choose again. anyone want an inexpensive seat of vw arch 9.5.2? jeff out
  2. well it's all new to me. so yes it might be premature to sell vw but i am already much more comfortable with archicad than iwas after 4+ steady months with vw. the reality from my desktop is that each system has "it's ways" that you must apply and bow to or you just won't get it done. the work around thing. there are less of them so far with archicad. i am coming to this line of work from carpentry, so the modeling is intutive to me in the sense that their tools are designed to create objects that reflect the actual building process. i am in effect generating a model of the actual house which in turn generates the 2d documents. just works for me. [get a demo and play with the roof tool. it will blow you away. ]
  3. hello robert, i found a copy of archicad at 40%off retail. when i first got into this, my cad quest, the idea i had was to be able to create a 3d model that would generate working documents with the ease of cad editing. i spent a fair sum of money on training materials as well as actually spending time in vancouver bc with in media res for one on one tutoring. and many many hours. in the course of that valuable tutoring i began to realize that the dream of working off of the model was just that. as well as the non hot linked elevations and sections. i was shown with great skill on their part how to create quality documents. but it became basically just 2d drafting. the model was an accessory not a centerpiece. that takes the fun out of it for me. the model can be a fantastic tool for design, presentation and reviewing problematic areas. if nothing is linked you are stuck redrawing all your elevations and sections the time invested in an accurate model becomes moot. the roof tools [ which describe the most complicated and interesting part of a house ] alone are amazing and straight forward to use whereas vectorworks, for me anyway was an endless series of work arounds. then there is the ease of plotting/printing layout. the animation, built-in rendering, i could go on. in the end as with most things you usually get what you pay for. in the end the time i am spending learning the program is much too valuable to invest in a program that will not do what i expect. it is different for everyone. it seems that each program has it's short and long suits. this is just a better choice for me. i will miss the auto scroll, fantastic 2d tools and the valuable help katie in particular provided on this tech board. i will part with my fully licensed copy and lots of traiining materials [tutrial cds from archoncad, in media res ] manuals and another book or two for $500. as you can see this is not a cheap decision. who ever takes this will save close to $700. regards jeff
  4. does anyone have any ideas about where to advertise a single seat of vectorworks architect 9.5? i have lots of training material as well and would like to recover some of my investment and do not know where to advertise it? any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  5. does anyone have any ideas about where to advertise a single seat of vectorworks architect 9.5? i have lots of training material as well and would like to recover some of my investment and do not know where to advertise it? any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  6. i went back through all the possible routes to set black +white/grayscale, both in vectorworks paths and hp printer paths. in vw>file>printer setup the grayscale was not turned on. it appeared to be but a further menu investigation proved otherwise. my bad! sorry. interestingly though the sheet sizes which we had been through, thourghly, in one instance hsd reverted to 8.5x11. i would have thought this would remain as set. i have burned enough of your time. the moral of my story here is DOUBLE CHECK every setting before you print. at least now,thanks to you, i understand a more thourough way to do this. thanks again. jeff
  7. katie, it does print black text and lines in other apps. i haven't looked into cleaning cartridges because of the black printing. please keep trying. jeff
  8. hi katie, yes it's yellowish green and it runs two seperate cartridges. one color and one black.
  9. well katie, while i am not always impressed with this product i AM ALWAYS impressed with you! i had set the print set up, printer preferences, document preferences, all correctly but i had yet to go into properties>features through the vw file>print path. apperently there were a few stones unturned yet. ok! thanks, i was starting to look amteruish to both myself and potential clinents. but........... what about the black and white issue. i am set to b+w in document preferences, grayscale in printing preferences also. is there somewhere else i need to go?
  10. i'll just be waitin' til somebody throws me a bone. i tried changing color of the light source and that cured the color. but that still seems like a workaround to me. i also have combed the archives and print current view sounds like it might also be a work around. except i cannot find or figure out how to do this.
  11. also, preferences in printer set to grayscale, and black+white in vw preferences but still printing in yellowish green; from the yellow light sources i presume. but still i should be seeing black,gray and white? right?
  12. hi i am running windos 2000pro, vw arch 9.5.2 w/an hp 1220c, w/ the driver reccomended by katie just a few months back. trying to print to 11x17 format. in printer prefrences, set to 11x17. in print set up(vw), set up to 11x17 at 100%. preview,the gray print border all looks good, as i want it to look. when it actually prints the printed material is off to left edge of landscape setiing using about 50%-65% of page. any ideas?
  13. howdy all, i have vw architect 9.5. i'm trying to find or create somethng akin to a 5/8 drain rock pattern for details in 2d.nothing i'm coming up with loks decent. any suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. does anyone know if a copy of renderworks for 9.5 is still available, or even better a "used" copy available? i'm not sure i am going to stay with this program but in the meantime..........
  15. can someone tell me how to access the vectorscript archives WITHOUT subscribing to the email list. i have tried and failed and now the access dialoge recognizes my email address and won't allow me in. i'd like to comb through the archives BEFORE asking a bunch of stupid questions. i guess i need SIMPLE instructions: 1st, do this; 2nd do this; etc. etc. also is there a site where tools and commands like those at vectorbits are available for windows? that would really helpout! thanx in advance whitecap
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