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  1. Thak you very much this worked However, I thought it would be good to post that sometimes the name of the field name in the light info record is diffent than the field name in the instrument record. This means that even if you do have the information about the light in the light info record it will not show up when you lok at te object info of the light. This problem came up when the field in one of them was named Inst Type and the field in the other was named Instrument Type. To work around the problem all I did was edit the global Light Info record to match field names with the instrument record. Anyway in the end we got it to work
  2. Add a fuction to find by orientation angle this will help when using various label legends for various orientaions in spotlight. so for example I could find all instruments that are 90 degrees and add a specific legned to them this would be great. If this is not possible then merely make the angle exportable so we can do it in lightwright. Thanks
  3. Try as we might we cant seem to atach intrument type, watage and frame size data to our newly made instrument symbols. How is this acheived it seems that symbols come in from vectorworks with this ability. Modifying the light info record does not do the trick. All we are trying to do is what Autocad would call default text in certain atribute fields. We are pulling our hair out. Any suggestions Thank you Tlaloc Lopez-Watermann Arena Stage
  4. Hey I fixed it! When the install program copied the 9.5 workspaces into 9.5.1 it put a 2 on the end of the extension for the file. Go into the workspace folder for 9.5.1 and change the extensions on the appropriate files so they read .vww or .ovl not .vw2 or .ov2 Why it did this I have no Idea.
  5. I have the same problem. No Spotlight workspace in menu. The start up screen says it is Vectorworks spotlight. ????
  6. An interesting problemI am using a PC with vectorworks 9.5.1When I pull up the properties window of a instument the Ctrl V (paste) Ctrl C (copy) Ctrl X (cut) do not work. They work when you are in the object info window but not if you right click on the object and select properties. Just thought you might want to take a look at this Thank You Tlaloc
  7. VW 9.5 file on VW Viewer On a PCI am having a problem plotting a file from the VW viewer. The proble does not seem to happen with other files derived from the same initial drawing.I consistantly get this error message:VECTORWORKS caused a general protection faultin module HPGLRTL2.DRV at 000c:00000681.Registers:EAX=00003447 CS=3bcf EIP=00000681 EFLGS=00000216EBX=00000000 SS=3267 ESP=00007832 EBP=00007876ECX=bff20074 DS=01e0 ESI=00000280 FS=297fEDX=000001e0 ES=3447 EDI=0000b18a GS=0000Bytes at CS:EIP:26 ff 9f ac 00 83 c4 30 1f 5f 5e 8d 66 fe 1f 5d Stack dump:00001985 00000d6b 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000074 00000002 00f00021 05ff4ff4 05d7b1d8 00000000 00000000 b18a3447 002178a8 ffff00f0 0280ffff Any thoughts or Ideas would be greatly apreciated [ 03-19-2002: Message edited by: ArenaLights ]
  8. VW 9.5 PC Is there a way to get more attributes on a legend than is allowed by the label legend manager? I need to use purpose, color, unit number, circuit number, circuit name, dimmer, channel. This is too many I think. Are there settings that will allow me to use more than 6?
  9. VW 9.5 SpotlightAs we evolve in our Vectorworks usage we have decided that using two monitors would help so that can put the tool pallets on one monitor and have the drawing and the most used pallets on the other one. The problem that we have been running into is that we seem to be having a problem saving the layout that we like. When using the workspace editor, and creating a new workspace, what is the best way to save that layout exactly the way it is? When we then open that workspace the layout has changed. Any thoughts would be appreciatedTlaloc Lopez-WatermannLightng Fellow Arena Stage
  10. Hello I have been working with moving between these two programs. It sounds to me like you don't have the unique IDs for vector works in your LW file. Make sure that when you are exporting from VW spotlight that you export the unique ID fields. Then when you are importing into LW link the UIF with the external ID column in the LW import dialogue box. Then when you go the other way you must set the unique ID field to look at the external ID from LW. This should give the option to link the rest of the information with its partner and then you can import the information to the correct instruments on the drawing The point is that the information coming from LW must have a VW unique ID associated with it otherwise VW sees it as a new unit and creates an orphan This should work for you Good Luck Tlaloc Lopez-Watermann Lighting Fellow Arena Stage
  11. I am venturing into the world of 3d with Vectorworks, I have a fair amount of experience with 3d in AutoCAD but I am running into some very interesting problems that I can't wrap my head around. I am trying to construct a 3d theatre from the ground plan that is already in Vectorworks. In auto cad if you view a 2d drawing in isometric mode you will usually see all layers in iso. Now when I look at anything in an iso view only the current layer is in iso while all other layers remain in plan view. So my first question is: is there any way to link layers for viewing? Also I don't seem to be able to adjust the Z coordinates on all objects. For example if there is a pipe on the ground plan that I want to be 20' in the air why shouldn't I be able to look at the object info of that object any object and change the z coordinates? I only seem to be given that option on some types of objects. Also on the objects that do give me that option, if I select them all, the object info pallet removes my option to change the Z coordinates. Shouldn't I be able to change them globally? Any clues would be apreciated Tlaloc Lopez-WatermannLighting Fellow Arena Stage [ 02-21-2002: Message edited by: ArenaLights ]
  12. Is there, or could there be a way to find by the rotation of the unit? For example I would like to find all units that are rotated 90 degrees so that I can assign an appropriate label legend. It would be very nice to be able to ask the find and modify function to look for a specific rotation and then modify all units with that rotation. Thank You Tlaloc Lopez-Watermann Lighting Fellow Arena Stage
  13. We sometimes recieve plots from designers that were originaly drawn in AutoCAD. After inporting them we often get two small Xs on the symbols. While I am aware that this may be a problem with the AutoCAD file itself is there any way to fix this problem. Also I was curious if there is any way to transfer the Symbol Atributes from an autocad symbol into a VectorWorks instrument? I have Noticed that if you look in properties of the symbol in VW and than click on the data tab you can often find the attribute data there. There may be no solution but any insight would be greatly apreciated
  14. We had a very strange thing occure in spotlight 9.01 I was using the program almost every day for two or three weeks and towards the end I was not able to use the spotlight workspaces. We were able to find a work around for the problem: Work around: Go to the workspaces folder in your vectorworks file and make sure that the workspace files have the wrong file type suffix. So find the file type suffix that on workspaces that work and change those that don't to the correct suffix. Question: Does anybody know why this is happening? Thank You Tlaloc Lopez-Watermann
  15. Version 9.01 The question concerns the fenomenon of unit numbers on the plot being both bold and plain text. I have noticed that the numbers that are bold match the info in the object info pallete, whereas the plain text unit numbers do not. What is the proccess to update all the unit numbers on the drawing so they exactly match the information in theobject info pallete. The refresh instrument function does not work for this. Is there another function? Any help on this would be greatly apreciated! Tlaloc Lopez-Watermann


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