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  1. Katie, I tried the OIP-Esc combination but could not get that to bring up the plug-in error. I asked the user if she thought she may be doing this, and she worked until it happened again. She said she definitely had not used the escape key at all nor gone into the OIP while using a tool. She and I both use the OIP a lot, but no esc. I have replaced her VW10.1 with a "fresh" copy off our server, replaced her workspace, and replaced her prefs on Friday. It still happens. The problem progressed today to crashing VW when she tried to use her trim tool. NOTE: she says it only happens when using the trim tool or offset tool. I know that I and the other users with the problem had the error only with those tools, too. We are ordering the VW10.1 CD upgrade today. Hopefully the download was the problem. Sarah
  2. Go to HP's website. This is an OS related bug that has to do with presets made before version 10.2.3 or 4. We get this error message on several of or laser printers. Sarah
  3. We have also had this problem, and like everyone else we notice it only on VW10.1. My users were all running 10.2.4 until yesterday when I began to update to 10.2.5. It started with one user, but has now shown up with 5 of the 12 users that I have on VW10.1 (the rest of the office is still running 10.0 because of this and a few other annoying bugs found in VW10.1). For each afflicted user, we replaced their workspace with their back-up copy on the server. For all but one this has fixed the problem. Yes, restarting VW fixes the problem, but it just shows up again. ALL of my users created their custom workspaces from the Architect workspace which comes with VW10.0. The plug-in error seems random at this point (I have gotten once myself, but it has never shown up again even though I am runnign the same files and using the same tools). Any suggestions other than buying the CD? Is the CD the full VW10.1 version or just an update? I downloaded the updates to VW10.0.1 and VW10.1 myself and updated a clean version of VW10.0. This is the version that has been copied to all the computers in the office. Sarah
  4. Katie, What ever became of this? We used to have this problem in some VW9 files, but we thought it went away in VW10. We were wrong. We have a file (admittedly converted from VW9) in which a group causes force quit. Long version: File made in VW10, copied an elevation from another file which was converted from VW9. Group(s) in elevation can be opened and edited, but when closing the group the parametric constraint dialogue appears and loops -- must force quit VW. The only way around the bug (which we found in VW9) was to ungroup the objects, edit, then regroup. We do not use parametric contraints since we first found this bug over a year ago in VW9. The user is running VW10.1 on Mac OS X 10.2.4. Any ideas? Sarah
  5. I have several users (on VW10.0 Mac) that have complained about their inability to snap to objects. They try to snap to the end of a line or the corner of a rectangle or polygon (with all the proper snaps turned on), and they either cannot get the cursor to snap to the point or they think it snapped but the line is obviously not at the preferred snap location. We first tried LOWERING the snap radius below 5 pixels, but we found it's actually better to RAISE it above 10 pixels. We're still experimenting, though. I will let you know if VW10.1 fixes the problem for them. Sarah
  6. Katie, Per his request, I just sent the file to Paul Pharr and the bugsumbit. Since reading about fixing permissions on some websites, he have begun to run it on all our machines. The 10.2.4 machines that the file crashed on have all had their permissions fixed in the last week (because I did one myself over the weekend and another was wiped clean, updated, and fixed on Tuesday). So, looks like permissions ain't gonna do it here. It has fixed issues with other users' crahes, though! I also dealt with a file this morning where the batt insulation (done using the b.a. tool) duplicated itself randomly all over a page when the file was first opened in VW10.1. The file was orginally drawn in VW9.5.2, converted to VW10 a few weeks ago, and the user was upgraded to VW10.1 yesterday. Any ideas? Sarah
  7. We have a file which crashes in OSX 10.2.4 only: Machines running 10.2.4 with VW10.0 OR VW10.1 -- crash. Machines running 10.2.1, 10.2.2, or 10.2.3 with VW10.0 -- opens just fine. The file has a lot of freehand tool work. Could this be the culprit? As I mentioned on a similar topic, our office is very anal about all the machines running the same software configurations. Our users do not have admin privledges, so changes to the configuration have to be OKed by the techies. Sarah
  8. Confusing description, but I guess you're saying that you want to be able to move a base reference file from one location to another and the files referenced to it would keep the refs? Well, this is actually how it works already. Did I misunderstand? Sarah VW10.1 OSX 10.2.4
  9. First, Katie I am sending you a file which I have not yet fixed. It could be a combination of drawing label selections (we use config 7 with 24 pt title, 60pt bubble, and 10pt scale; I have custom scales in these files). Second, rosebud, you need to run Font Doctor on your fonts. We have some MM fonts that we have gotten to work by running Font Doctor. I believe Katie, though, that these fonts are about to die on the Mac. The only MM font we have left is Graphite, and we discourage its use now. Sarah Sarnelli Jackson & Ryan Architects Houston, Texas
  10. I hate replies like this, but.... I have 25 users running VW10.0 (with only me currently on VW10.1) on OS X 10.2.2-4, and we have not had any frequent crashes. Our users are not allowed to admin their computers, so very few are running anything other than "standard" programs (OS X Mail client, iCal, Address Book, AppleWorks, FileMaker, Netscape, Exploder...). Even the three people playing with widgets have not reported problems. Sarah
  11. Have you tried "Set Print Area..." in the Page menu? Sometimes the print area in VW9 gets stuck (instead of being on "One Page", it shifts to a specific size). We encountered this problem a lot in VW9.5.2 -- we even had it progress to crashing VW when Page Setup or Print was inititated. The solution there was to export a VW8 file and reimport. Sarah Sarnelli Jackson & Ryan Architects Houston, Texas
  12. I updated to VW10.1 yesterday, and opening my files this morning I discover that all my drawing labels are displaying incorrectly. When I click on one, all the settings are correct in the Object Info. I changed a text size field, and the screen regenerated and displayed the drawing label correctly. Saving the file and opening on a computer still running VW10.0, the drawing labels display correctly -- "changed" ones and originals. VW10.1 Architect with RenderWorks installed running on Mac OS X 10.2.4 Sarah Sarnelli Jackson & Ryan Architects Houston, Texas
  13. In our office, we have created one "master" VW prefs file which contains all of our serial numbers -- in other words, we do not assign serial numbers to each work station. Call us lazy. Fine. When the 10.0.1 install came out, we noticed that it never updated the VW application -- Finder "get info" and "About VW" both said the app was version 10.0.0. Two of us even had the 10.0.1 installer "update" software on our iPods instead of our hard drives (what's up with that????). So, we never bothered with the update and went back to 10.0. In the last two days, we have been 0 for 4 installing the 10.0.1 and 10.1 updates. Today we tried installing VW 10.0 all over again from scratch from the CD. Without opening the app or adding serial numbers, we successfully updated to VW 10.0.1 and then 10.1. THE DIFFERENCE: Note that the second time we did the installs all in a row which means that the preference file had only ONE serial number in it. Obviously the 10.0.1 updater screws up with multiple serial numbers, thus users with more than one serial number in their preference file are going to have problems. We are running VW Architect with RenderWorks installed (combo serial numbers) on Mac OS X 10.2.4. Sarah Sarnelli Jackson & Ryan Architects Houston, Texas
  14. Oops. Forgot: we tried both dwg and dxf(text) in r2000 and r14. Sarah
  15. We are using Palatino (similar to Times New Roman) and Helvetica. Both fonts disappear. We send our consultants equivalent PC fonts. When we open the good or bad files in AutoCAD Lite in Virtual PC, the fonts simply map to Simplex. The text is simple, top level, text. No worksheets. No record formats. We use record formats in our titleblock, but in this case we converted the symbols to groups and ungrouped them to leave the text "exposed." The file that I exported via VW9 worked just fine. The consultant did not have any problems. Sarah
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