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  1. quote: Originally posted by jan15: Of all the many requests I've read in this forum for AutoCad features, this proposed Relative Move tool is the only one I've seen that I would probably use occaisionally if it were available. The relative move/copy etc. command is the one (amongst many) that I missed from AC (infact I still do). What needs to be added is the rightclick/enter key to end selection of objects so that the first relative move point can be selected. That would also prevent the accidental deselection of the selected objects & selection of another object when selecting the move point where they overlap. I hope i explained myself clearly enough.
  2. >We all have symbols we wish to appear at the same screen size no matter of the layer scale. If this is true, (and I strongly suspect it is) shouldn't this be considered for future inclusion? >There are alot of things that VW and AC do differently. Unfortnately, since moving from AC to VW it appears to me that AC does whereas VW doesn't >That's why we are different applications and have different user's. Again, I'm sorry to say AC does, VW doesn't. Just take a look at the number of posts to AC newsgroups for conformation. [ 05-06-2003, 07:19 PM: Message edited by: DavidF ]
  3. quote: Originally posted by Katie: If you want to scale a single symbol, you need to edit the symbol and use scale objects. Is there a specific reason why individual symbols can't be scaled? It is a severe handicap. When I want to create a new symbol it means I have to create a different sized one for every scale that I use in my drawings, which is a real pain. Also a LOT of redrawing is required if I want to change the scale of drawing. Is this on the wish list?
  4. ...I should also add that i use multiple fonts in the same documents & when it 'scrunches' it does it to all fonts. So, again, I think it's back to drawing board for the corrupt font idea.
  5. Hi Windows XP, VW9.5.2, HP750 plotter. Adobe Acrobat 5.0 I'm having the scrunched text problem. It seems to occur randomly. It happens both when I plot to the HP750 & create a PDF, so it can't be a plot driver issue. I'm dubious about the 'corrupt font' idea. The fact that it happens on the odd (but very annoying) occasions & the fact that lots of different people using different fonts have the same problem & the fact that I use the same font in many other applications with NO problems at all seems to negate that solution. I created my font using Adobe Type manager. Is anybody using the same program? EricL said: "It sounds like something in the 2000/xp program isn't liking VW 9 through 10." Are you sure it isn't VW program not liking 2000/XP? Katie Admin said: "The other - when the file is rendering - the blue bar going across the screen in VW- if you click on anything other than something in the VW application window - while that blue bar is there, scrunched text will result." This is major vectorworks bug. No other application I use has this problem. I should be able to use my computer while VW is compiling the plot. When is this going to be fixed? "The fact that you can ungroup and get it to print leads me to believe there is a corrupted font." On what evidence? how does grouping/ungrouping (a VW command) uncorrupt a font (an OS item)? Do VW commands have hidden uses for curing OS problems? If so, do please let us know.
  6. Sorry, I should have said before: I'm running it on Windows 2000 Pro. & it's the line that I'm trimming that gets changed. Anybody able to help?
  7. ... that I'm sure has been asked before. Using VW 8.5.2 Trim tool: why does it change lines to the current class? Is there a solution to this problem? (please don't say 'update to the latest version') I've been told by my work makes this has been around for the previous 3 releases. Unbalievable if true


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