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  1. You will notice the same thing with other programs with floating tool palettes, such as Illustrator and Photoshop. This behaviour has been standard for the past four years at least, regardless of how many monitors you have.
  2. The font worked okay, but doesn't respond to lineweights. In other words, the text strokes have a fixed width for any given text size. Applying bold helps only a little. I need something with adjustable weight, or I need a couple more fonts for different lineweights of the romans.shx. Anyone else have an idea?
  3. send an email to me, and I'll shoot them over. email is d_clarke, then the '@' symbol, then aciarchitecture, then dot com.
  4. That would be great! Please email it to me; I believe that Mac OS X handles any .ttf; the .ttf should be just a single standard, right? email is: d_clarke, then the '@' symbol, then aciarchitecture, then dot com.
  5. We need a font that looks just like Roman Simplex. I'd like a TrueType, since we'd need it on both our Macs and on the prime consultant's PC's. X.3.5, regretfully VW9.5.3
  6. I have one that will do what you want.
  7. Set up your classes so that the lineweights and colours are in sync, then draw with all entities set to lineweight byclass.
  8. Thanks, guys!! Kevin: I have a very simple door (fairly simple) PIO that you can have. The code is readable and shouldn't be too tough to deconstruct, if you want it.
  9. Still looking for feedback from others, especially with respect to compatibility between v9 and v11, and between v10 and v11.
  10. upskill? When did was this buzzword invented? One thing you'll have to think about is how much of your drafting staff is dedicated drafting staff. Many here do some drafting, but only 3 or so are real production staff. The production people may take a little time to acquaint themselves with the new way of drafting and the significant (YES it is, if you're moving from 9) differences in input. Other people who spend less time with the program, will require much more time to 'upskill' (a.k.a. 'learn new program' yeesh). If they're design staff, they'll be frustrated and want to slough off more of their small work to the production staff as a result. Food for thought. I'm in the same boat and holding off as long as I possibly can.
  11. After doing a search, I encountered a heap of questions, a cupful of discussion, and a teaspoon of links. CADViewer is apparently $1000 to $12000 per copy, and is no longer available as a demo. (Tailor Made Software) There is a plugin available for AutoCAD, which imports dwf files to a .dwg, but it is an AutoCAD plugin only. Is anybody aware of a cheap viewer / converter that runs on the Mac?
  12. Thanks to a list of whines -- relatively short, I'll admit -- from fellow users here about VW 10, longer than the list of relevant or important features, I've skipped VW10. I've had peace in the office with VW9.5.3 for almost 2 years. So far, I've read the following: - misbehaved preferences - non-functional wordprocessing inside text blocks - weird-ities in image imports Please add confirmed bugs (i.e. if other users note the same behaviour) here. Doubtless, there are other admins who want to be prepared when they deploy VW11, even if it isn't until 11.5.2.
  13. VW9.5.3, MacOS 9.2.1 I remember some time ago when the office was still using OS9, that there was an issue with VW9.5.x: the 'a' key would not show up in the Workspace Editor as an assigned key. I also remember some time ago when I was trying to program the extra buttons on my Logitech: the programmability didn't quite jive with modifier keys in VW. On the OS9 computer, using the programmed button -- be it set to just the cmd key, or to maybe the cmd key + 'b' -- in VW sets the programmed back to 'a', plus any modifier key that was assigned. I checked Caps Lock, and toggling the key had no effect. I'm trying to pick the brains of fellow users. I've fixed so many problems over the past few years that I can't remember which ones I actually solved and which ones I found workarounds for. Any ideas?
  14. If you did most of your work in version 7, you will notice slower performance. Period. From v8 to v9, there was a change in the math of the program (integers to floating point) which is, arguably, worth the slowdown.
  15. My Panther guinea pig tells me that OS X.3.2 appears to fix the printing issue that VW9.5.3 has with X.3.0 and X.3.1. Can others corroborate (sp?) this?
  16. "This operation only works on hybrid objects in plan projection." This is ambiguous and untelling. It should read as one of the following: This operation works on hybrid objects only in plan projection. (unless I'm mistaken, this is the intended meaning; one must be in plan projection for this tool to work on hybrid objects) or This operation works only on hybrid objects in plan projection. (Hybrid objects that are in plan projection are the only objects upon which this tool can act.) or This operation works only on hybrid objects while in plan projection. (When in plan projection, hybrid objects are the only objects upon which this tool can act.) :GRRR: How about borrowing the amazing technical writers who wrote C4D's manual and getting them to do error output messages?
  17. 1. Shouldn't the 'Printing' forum be updated? There's no mention of VW 9.x.x not being approved for use on MacOS X.3 (it's not NNA's fault, but a warning would be nice), or of VW 9 (maybe 10 also) not wanting to plot (or print?) at a scale of less than 25% or greater than 400% (these limits were in place for VW8.x.x under MacOS 9). 2. I have a drawing that won't plot under certain conditions. It is a LARGE floor plan, but not yet a very large file (2-3MB give or take). Page setup to 24"x36", plotting at <100% prints a blank 24x36. Plotting at 100% plots just fine. Changing the drawing's scale to fit on the 24"x36" sheet, then plotting at 100%, also works fine. Here's the print flow: Client [MacOSX.2.6, VW9.5.3] prints to shared print queue, on Print host [MacOSX.2.6, no VW] sends to plotter connected to RIP machine [MacOS9.2.1, no VW, HP RIP software] and sends to HP DesignJet 500PS Plotter
  18. I don't advocate piracy. Or any variation thereof. But for the Mac OS X (.1, .2, .3) people, it would be worth learning how to program your workstations' ipfw rulesets. And how to read a tcpdump. You can work around the silliness of Micro$oft; you should be able to do the same for Nemetschek. That's all I'll say.
  19. I asked basically the same question some time ago. If you check pages 3-10 or so in this forum, you'll find VW10 complaints. These are more or less what I was after. http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=12;t=002904 As far as real features, I take the same stance as you; my users the same stance as your users. I found in the promo literature only these items: DWG imports keep associative hatches and solid fills 'Y' wall junctions Clipping tool accepts multiple objects as simultaneous clippers Split tool now -- like nearly EVERY other tool -- acts upon only what you've selected
  20. Or do a custom selection, select all 2D locus objects, and delete them.
  21. For massive drawings, I split up objects in classes (e.g. concrete1, concrete2, concrete3) so that you get several, smaller, polygons imported to C4D. I doubt it would help you if a simple box won't work.
  22. Hi. I actually read your post title. My boss wanted to be the guinea pig -- or, guinea Panther, as the case may be. Apparently, X 10.3 breaks VW953 printing.
  23. Does VW10 fix that stupid display glitch that crops up at zooms over 1000% ?
  24. But until you're finished the drawings, you don't necessarily know which wall will be constructed continuously...
  25. Can I run VW -- or a an image of it -- on a server (specifically OSX Server)? We have enough licences for all the clients, but VW updates, Standards folder updates, Plug-ins updates etc. would be simpler if I had to do them to only one copy (server) instead of on all the client machines.
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