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  1. Mark Chevalier

    Again / Repeat previous command

    I would like a "repeat command" command also!
  2. Mark Chevalier

    Windows 2000 help

    We are on a Mac Network via a hub with VW (multi seat license) installed at each station - with that you can disconnect yourself from the network temporarily, either reconnecting once VW is open, or after you finish using it.
  3. Mark Chevalier

    object library

    See also earlier discussion on a question I asked regarding print / view symbols / objects: http://www.nemetschek.net/cgi/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=12&t=001450
  4. Mark Chevalier

    object library

    Go via the Resouces palette (command R) > use the scroll bar to select other files with symbols in > hit "import" (or simply place the required symbol in the drawing). The import can be used for multiple selections I think.
  5. Mark Chevalier

    Saved sheets

    This would be useful - also add the ability to show an icon to identify the situation when you are in a saved sheet and you have (temporarily) modified the visibility, ie you may have greyed layers / turned on an extra clsss while working on that saved sheet.
  6. Mark Chevalier

    Lockable Classes?

    Thanx - that is a useful workaround!
  7. Mark Chevalier

    Lockable Classes?

    We use a Template with pre-set classes. We also often import other consultants work, bringing with it a slew of new classes. As work progresses it is nice to "purge". However, if any of our standard classes do not (yet) have work on them they are lost and cumbersome to restore. Is there a way that the "purge" command could be more flexible to allow selections of classes to be retained / locked even if they are not yet in use?Thanx!
  8. Mark Chevalier

    In General - Thanks

    Agreed!!! Mark from Canada
  9. When opening the windows Edit Saved Sheet / Classes / Layers, the window is only sized for 8 layers / classes (Edit Saved Sheet window) or 12 layers / classes (Edit Classes / Layers window). We rarely have drawings with so few classes / layers. Can the windows for Edit Saved Sheet / Classes / Layers vary in size to suit the number of items in the file. That way we have to "scroll down" only when the Edit window is the full screen height and there are still more items to show. Thanx!
  10. Mark Chevalier


    Great - Thanx!
  11. It would be great to have a way to retain symbol folder organization when workgroup referencing? It seems that the file shows referenced symbols but ignores folders. This is a real pain with a library file that you want to workgroup reference having hundreds of symbols. Please add to the VW10 Wish List. Thanks!
  12. Mark Chevalier

    Parking / R-O-W / Lot Layout - WISH LIST

    PARKING - It would be great to be able to lay out the parking in the way that theater seating can be done, ie set a polygon and set parameters, such as stall size, aisle alignment, etc and, hey presto there it is! RIGHT OF WAY - can you add a ROW option to the road tool (my temporary work around is to use the curb lines as the ROW edge). In most situations the ROW is as important an item as the actual road edge. For more graphic presentations it would be good if the road could be colored fill with the remainder to the edge fof ROW being transparent no fill. SUBDIVISION LAYOUT - it would be great to be able to lay out subvivisions by being able to set parameters, such as frontage, depth, area, etc, and again, hey presto there it is! Thanks for helping simplify our life NNA!!! [ 02-19-2002: Message edited by: Mark Chevalier ] [ 02-19-2002: Message edited by: Mark Chevalier ]
  13. Mark Chevalier


    Is it possible to draw a road by drawing a centerline poly and then a command such as create road from polygon" (similar to "create wall / roof from polygon")? We do site planning in concept, and in the early stages it is awkward piecing together starights, S curve beziers and tees for a subdivision road network. Up to now we would draw the centerline, off set, smooth bezier. Any suggestions?
  14. Mark Chevalier

    Print All Symbols Command

    Is there a way to print all symbols without going ... select symbol / place / select symbol / place / select symbol / place / etc... ?


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