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  1. quote: Originally posted by Katie: You probably need to update the Video Driver. To find the manuf. and model of the video card, go to the desktop. Right click on the desktop and select properties. Click on the Settings Tab. Then click on the Advanced button. In the next dialog box, you should have a manuf. and model video card. Go to the manuf. website and search for your model. Check the version you have installed on you computer and see if the one on the manuf. website it more recent (higher number). If so, you will need to download this update and install it. Restart the computer and try to edit a texture. WIll check on the driver. However I've been able to edit these textures before. The problem seems to have ended when I removed some large memory textures, but I had edited these in the past as well.
  2. quote: Originally posted by Katie: How large is the VW file you are trying to print? approx 2000Kb What model HP printer do you have? HP 970cxi Is the printer connected to the computer or is it a network printer? USB hub to computer, not network How much built in Memory do you have on your computer? 512mb RAM How many other applications do you have running while VW is running ? 2: quicksync and virus scan, plus what ever the system is running In the lower right hand corner by the clock is a series of icons. How many of these do you have? 12 icons, including power status, touchpad properties, volume control, pc card status I ask all these questions because the problem is most likely related to memory.
  3. Imported images such as jpeg's will not print, all other information on same sheet prints normally. Using windows 98 on pc and HP printer.
  4. When I try to edit a texture of image type and try to choose an image the Open file window opens but my pc freezes and I have to shut down with ctrl-alt-delete and restart. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Vectorworks but the problem persists. This does not happen with any other software. I'm using a windows 98 pc.
  5. I have 278 different fonts available to use, but vectorworks no longer accepts any beyond the 256th. I tried deleting some fonts but could still not access my Univers condensed font. Any font after TWO CEN MT will not work. HELP These fonts were previously available, and they are available to all other applications. I reinstalled the entire set, they are all TTF files. [ 02-04-2002: Message edited by: oxidiser ]
  6. I seem to get a fatal error when I modify existing door parameters (trim dimensions etc) and the software shuts down. Am i not using the door tool correctly
  7. How does one enter square root 16' (or arctan 30) into an object attribute dimension box?


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