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  1. Check the "Mouse Wheel Zooms" setting in the Vectorworks preferences
  2. Do you have "snap to grid" on? this will make the snap point on a grid by turning it off along with the others you would only snap to objects.
  3. you can create an object such as rectangle/polygon in the design layer covering the area that you want on the sheet leave the object selected and create a viewport it will ask if you want to use the object if there is no sheet created already you can create a sheet in the dialog scroll up to see New sheet. close dialog and the cropped VP shows up on the sheet
  4. cbaarch


    Under document preferences - Dimensions change Dimension standard to ASME to get dual dimension the set the primary and secondary Dimension Objects under the Units dialog Primary is set via General Display you can have acombinatin that could be feet and inches metric and imperial or make your own custom dimensions with whatever.
  5. cbaarch


    in windows version (12.0.1) Ctl-Alt-U bring up the Units dialog box change the units to meters (.001 for decimal)or mm (no decimals) depending on the units on the drawing then enter the numbers
  6. because the attributes of the wall when first drawn was not set to the attributes showing set to class it was set to something like solid/pattern/hatch sometimes one does not want all the walls on a layer/class to have the class attributes which is why it will not change. you can change any wall using the eyedropper tool
  7. what settings are the classes and layers? if both are set to show/snap/modify others and turn all classes and layers on and you can still not pick anything then you should submit the file as a bug
  8. we are running a 3 station network with the slowest PC running 3.0Ghz, winxp sp2 with 1 gb RAM and there is not slow down as you mention we have been using it for 6 months you may need to check out the Vectorworks preferences on the slow computers. things like vectorcaching and 2d accelaration there was no mention of the specs of the slow computers and settings of VW and WinXP virtual memory settings
  9. create the batt insulation with the smallest height convert to group (ctrl-K on win version) edit the group delete the rectangle use 2D reshape tool to stretch the tops of the polyline to the slope you want save as a symbol for different soffits and slopes
  10. Are you trying to create this grid on a sheet layer or on a design layer? for setting them up first on a design layer you can create the grid on a layer i.e gridlines you then create a class called non-plot you turn off the non plot class when setting up viewports on a sheet layer but the easiest way to line up Viewports on a sheet is to use the full cursor (the colour changes when nudged in place)
  11. Look at a 2 screen setup 2 x 17" LCD is about 30" diagonal - we have the low end LCD's and they work fine with a 300 gig drive not really a need for dual DVD drives as you can image the content on the hard drive Dual Core Intel processor or AMD dual core at 3.0 ghz is the best dollar (or pound) value if you are running a network, use the other drives as your backup there are Sync programs that only backup the files that have been modified http://www.2brightsparks.com
  12. this was discussed in another forum where renderings were the issue. it was concluded that more RAM rather than a video card upgrade is what was best suited for VW12 - that said the video card should also have something like 512mb to start with. if you want the best dollar value get a card that has dual DVI outputs and run 2 17" LCD monitors
  13. when VW opens the drawing that is uses is called default.sta (windows version) if you want the preferences of that initial drawing to be as you like it you first make changes to the drawing called untitled1 then save as template and replace default.sta in the Template folder
  14. Did you have your backup file turned on with create in a folder if you did then there is a subfolder that contains the file open that file and make sure you save to the folder you are working with because it will create another backup folder etc... do not use open recent file when you are doing this kind of clean up as the file names are the same
  15. you need to create a new custon dimension set you select Custom New and name it then edit a dialog box open and shows all the diferent setting you may have to change to the numbers more than once to get the result you are looking for. then open a Default drawing change to the new dimension set and save as template
  16. If they take a cue for Corel their latest products are called X3
  17. to have a default text you need to have no object selected and the active icon needs to be "2D selection tool" then go to Text Font select the font Size select the size this should then be default when using dimensions
  18. cbaarch

    Leader Lines

    you can manipulate the leader line to just about anywhere. either by numbers/direction on the OI Palette or draggin the control points in edit mode. In vw12 you can have an arc or bezier instead of lines; but not totally recommended yet since there is a bug when you use Sheets and VP's the text of the call out does not scale correctly if you have different scales from VP and design layer OK if they are both the same.
  19. at 62 mb you probabably have lots of sheets our biggest drawings are never more than 6 mg Try exporting each sheet (saved as view) as a seperate file. set invisible classes not exported so that only information for that sheet is exported and do not expect fonts to export - version 11 does support font exporting but for acad 2004 only from our limited testing
  20. running 4 serial numbers of VWA 11.0 2 on XPPro and 2 on win98se all the mcd files are stored on 1 hard drive which is shared as 1_Shared CAD files the shared folder is then mapped as a drive on each box 1. do I need to enter all 4 serial numbers on each box? and 2. We have 1 file that gives error -49 ......-FSOPEN when trying to open with only 1 license open at a time. to recover I copied the file to a new folder and it opened tried to "save as" using same name - and got the FSOPEN error "saved as" with a new name and it worked. I can we avoid the FSOPEN problem???
  21. Instead of using the printer scaling factor if you use the "Scale Object" under "Tools" and turn on the "scale text" it may work better. or if on the sheet there is only has one scale change the scale for all layers again with "scale text" turned on. then close then drawings without saving or use "revert to saved" if you to do more work on the same file.
  22. all you need is a good email package at each end we use netscape on win and eudora pro on mac mac has to save files with mcd extension for win to open or it has to be rename before it will open a 56K modem is all you need winzip works fine for zipping when saving attachment in netscape use control C to copy the file name and control v to paste in the second dialog box quote: Originally posted by abrodin@alaska.net: What software, hardware, etc do I need to be able to effectively work across platforms between designer (Mac) and drafter (windows) and offices in different towns. Email drawings? ZIP drives? CD writer? What works and what doesn't?
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