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  1. Hi Mike Exactly- I got the same problem with RenderWorks and the same wrongdoing happens also in Viewport,remove the second symbol and the skylight disappears everywhere. But it works as a dormer and nobody from Nemetscheck to tell us what to do ?I will upgrade some day but I have some plugins like windoor11 and it is not easy to keep working the same day on a big project have a nice day
  2. hi Mike you are a lucky guy I have tried that trick and it did not work for me I got the cut out as soon as I get rid of the second symbol may be I waited too long after some renderings, I will try again thanks anyway JP
  3. I am a little bit late but I got the same problem and I did the same trick that Mike did, I mean "As soon as I put another instance into the drawing which was not inserted into the roof they both became visible in both the Open GL and the RenderWorks render" The problem is you got the second symbol into every 3D view so you have to move it or them far enough into that view in order to print that view. But Mike said it is fixed for VW 12 is it the only way to fix it ?
  4. It is hard to explain but no I have not all my objects on a single layer, I have a project with several layers like 1st floor plan with Z and ?Z, 2d floor plan with Z and ?Z and so on until the 6th floor plan and the roof plan. Some layers with front view mostly in 2D,sections in 2d and 3D. I have also displayed some photographies of the existing buildings around.I built 10 views in the sheet menu ( I am still calling view in the sheet menu instead of viewport since I do not know exactly the difference ) Now I would like to export that huge file, 160MG, to AutoCad 2000. I got a mess with the entire file and I think I am getting something when I only export the layer open on my desk. Then I export another layer and so on.The AutoCad guy gets all the independent files on the burned CD instead of one file like in VW, but he told me it does not matter . If you think about a better answer to my problem I am still waiting Thanks again for your time Jean-Pierre
  5. thank to both of you I am still working with the "try and error" method, following your advices. It takes time to get back from the engineers. But I now know that it is impossible to export a whole project with multiple stories in one file to AutoCad. If I choose DXF and classes I only export the layer opened on my desk and if I choose DXF and layers I export everything (all layers in the same scale) but in one AutoCad file that means a mess. I have already succeeded in exporting the roof plan and only the roof plan but now I am confident I will find out how to export my 6 story plans. Thanks again and I will keep you inform
  6. thanks again for your time and your explanations. In fact when I export to AutoCad I got either only the active layer, the one which is opened, or all my 20 layers but piled up each one over the others so I have my project but it is unusable. I will try to export one layer by one layer. That means it will be like one VW layer=one AutoCad file. I am not sure somebody could overlay the layers in the same AutoCad file but at least they will get the plans,elevations and sections of the project. Do you think it is a good idea thanks again Jean-Pierre
  7. If you want A1 sheet I am working with an HP 120nr (Ethernet) for $1500 included the automatic rool and the Ethernet card. I have been working for 8 months and it worths the price.There is now a new model I think it is the 130 version but same price Good luck for your search
  8. I was desperate thank you for your answer even if I am still a little bit puzzled. Indeed you are the first telling me something I have never heard about: I have to choose either layers or classes to export in DXF or DWG ( I do not know the difference between the 2of them but anyone told me I have to do the translation in DXF) So my 20 layers will be classes in AutoCad which means anyone should open my 3D plans and 2D elevations and sections. But how to get the VW layers into AutoCad classes without having everything piled up one on top of the others in AutoCad. ( that is what I get when I import back the file in VW) Could you help me again I will greatly appreciate your next reply
  9. No problem it was the file, maybe corrupted? but I still have the problem to exort a huge file ,120MG and 20 layers to AutoCad 2000. I read a lot of your posts but when I export in DXF/DWG I got either only the active layers or all of the 20 layers but piled one over the others on the same layer or classe. To see what happens I export as DXF then import the file back in VW. Could somebody tell me what to do to export a 20 layer file in AutoCad. I did not understand the"you have to link the layers" solution before exporting
  10. Hi Larry If I understand you have all your dimensions in the dimension class but you assigned some of them with different colors If I am right perhaps you have to select the dimension class select black for the class NOT SAVE then print, then close your file without saving it in order to keep your colors. You can do the same trick with everything. Jean-Pierre
  11. I got rid of everything like textures , photos... when I click to get the file into DXF I got the following message "could not open the OpenDWG initialization file,"adinit.dat".Please reinstall VectorWorks Any clue to get the job done
  12. I do not know much about AutoCad although I keep trying to export VW files to it but could you save your files as PDF files in AutoCad as we can do in VectorWorks. That is what I am doing to send files to AutoCad through email one by one (they are splitted in 2,3 or more with Stuffit in order not to block the 10 MB usually available from the Provider)
  13. So I looked at my 1.4 disquettes and discovered 11 disquettes MiniCad 6.01 and a CD with MiniCad VectorWorks 8 and another CD containing VW 9.01. If I understand your advice I have to install v.6 and v.9.01 ( under OS 9 what a pain) in order to translate my MiniCad v.4/5 files. No shorter and easier way to go through that translation ? Please tell me yes
  14. thank you for your reply but I already tried this solution. Indeed I can play with the project perspective view but I lack the transparency of the perspective view laying over the panorama layer, I got the frame around the rendering perspective so I cannot adjust and overlap my drawing over the panorama. Any other clues
  15. I need to work again from some previous files back in 1993 How could I translate these files into VW 11. I do not have any MiniCad softwares but the v.6 on diskettes ( 7 or more of them)
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