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  1. I've gotten weird patterns reminiscent of this if the source of the dxf code on the sender's end was written with comma-delimited ASCII data that were out of intended order.
  2. Has anyone else seen a problem where upon export of a pdf from 12.5.3, Vista, where Acrobat 9 is the viewer, that certain colors in layers cannot be seen? A couple of times I had freezes with this as well. Thank you, if anyone knows what's going on in this instance, and if there are any fixes.
  3. My VW 12.5.3 with Vista SP2 has developed a glitch in the Windows menu, in that I can no longer switch between files. This happened once before when I loaded some new software (Printmaster) when I was using 12.5.3 XP. I resolved that problem by uninstalling the conflicting program, but this most recent problem started just now after loading Adobe Master Suite.
  4. I am getting a fairly good export of dwg to Illustrator from VW, but the other way is producing a fuzzy, nonscalable, non-ungroupable file upon dwg or dxf import to VW. Other image formats exported or "saveas" from Illustrator, like tiff, eps, bmp also produce fuzzy imports to VW. Anyone with fixes/suggestions for going between these two programs?
  5. Maybe I have a setting that's off, but I can't retrieve elevations, in my case, with a dxf import. They're all zero. DXF import always worked in 12.0, and today works right with the same dxf file in 11.5 on an old computer. All the other layes import correctly.
  6. I have a series of files, all descendants of an original file, that were working fine today until I came back after a break and found that some objects in some layers can no longer be selected,and that they seem to have grouped together and cannot be selected or moved. It's as if they have hardened into an immovable, unselectable mass and are now invisible to the pointer. Other objects in the these layers can be selected and moved.
  7. Can Vectorworks files with photos embedded be exported using PDF for large format printing to a service bureau and have the same quality printing as a direct print from the native application? My situation is finding a large-format reprographics service that can run native Vectorworks for good printouts. What are the usual options for large format printing?
  8. I've had the wheel zoom problem in XP since 11.5. I thought 12.0 had cleared it up, but I see that just yesterday it started up in 12.0. I noticed it happening when I zoomed to large distances quickly, say about 10-20 miles screen-edge to screen-edge (typically for a 1:1000 drawing). It got progressively worse in one certain file and that file eventually would no longer open. I tried a system restore to correct it, but instead that operation wiped out any new layers I had added in any Vectorworks files that had been opened and worked on after the date used in the failed system restore. Anyway, I found it peculiar that the wheel zoom crash happens fairly consistently at a certain "height" above the drawing. I also get the text insertion-type and pan-type crashes, but these happen in all my drawings. I don't use any third party plug-ins.
  9. I am looking for a menu item that will raise or lower the elvation component of a set of 3D loci by a constant. I vaguely remember doing this in MiniCad 6 or 7, but I don't see any immediate menu item in Landmark with 11.5
  10. The model is contouring correctly now after creating a new drawing and pasting all of the 2000 3D locus points into the new drawing. I had been trying new drawings all day but had had no success until now. Is there any reason why a certain new drawing would work as opposed to another?
  11. I have no polygons evident, just 3D locus points that were imported from a dxf. I did get the model to give me contours, but just once, after restarting Vectorworks with only the one file present. However, that wasn't the issue, since I have tried to repeat the steps that gave me the initial model, but to no avail. There are about 2,000 points in the model. I get this message often, but not every time I run a model. It seems to be independent of the complexity of the drawing.
  12. I regularly get the Miscellaneous error message (20, 1) for DTM site modelling from 3D points imported from a GPS system. Sometimes I get the contours to appear, but usually I get this error message. Sometimes I can solve the DTM by exporting to my MAC platform, but I still get the error message there as (20, 2). I am using XP, version 11.5. Are there any work-arounds for this problem?
  13. I had my classes set to show only. Probably an inadvertant click in the Class settings when I wasn't looking closely. Resetting Classes to Show/Snap/Modify did the trick. Thank you. You saved me a lot of time.
  14. Using 11.5.0 in XP, a large 7.5 MB file suddenly "died" when none of the objects in any of the layers could be selected. The scales are uniform and views all plan. I have used this file for two years without a hitch, then suddenly this happened. Writing the file over to the Mac, I have the same problem on that platform. I noticed this usually happened on a layer-by-layer basis when objects from another Vectorworks file were pasted into a new layer and the class from the source file was automatically created in the destination file. I have been removing these classes in order to select points/lines within the new layer. However, I had never lost all of the selectability of all objects in all of the layers at the same time.
  15. Right you are! No bug, problem solved. Thank you!


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