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  1. DR

    Print preview

    Thanks, I was trying to find the wish list earlier.
  2. DR

    Print preview

    Yes I can do this, but it wont do what I want. It's really an issue with my plotter. My staff is having trouble imputting page sizes correct and the plotter is cutting off part of the drawing. We were looking for a way to preview before sending to the plotter.
  3. Is there a way to preview prints or plots prior to actually printing similar to what you might find in Word, or Photoshop?
  4. Is there a way to toggle viewport visibilty on and off in the sheet layers?
  5. I am finding that you cannot cut and paste into groups and symbols in VectorWorks 12.5. Is anyone else having this problem?
  6. I am trying to export a 3d model to my structural engineer and am having problems getting the model to retain all of the class definitions. It looks as if VectorWorks collapses all of my classes onto the "none" class and groups the whole model together onto one design layer. I have tried both the .sat and .3ds file types with the same outcome. I tried to export into .dwg and .dxf, this retained the class definitions, but various portions of the model disapeared (doors, windows, and floor slabs). My Engineer is using Revet and seems to have the same problems when converting into .sat or .3ds. Anyone have any experiance with this, or a solution. Thanks, David
  7. Robert, Can you tell me what the technical and overly complicated process is? If you want to go off line e-mail me at dritchey@aedisgroup.com. Thanks David
  8. Thanks for all the input, here is what I am finding: 1. When you using the make guide command, I find that the guides still print. They show up as light grey lines. 2. I currently have the guide grid set up as a class that is to be turned off, but my staff seems to forgett a lot and it gets expensive replotting sets of drawings. 3. We do not like to use the snap to loci feature because we import a lot of auto cad files that literally have millions of loci and you can't tell whats going on with all of the guide lines. I'm going to give the script a try, thanks Raymond. Does this only work in the design layers?
  9. I am trying to create a layout guides for a typical page layout. I would like it to have some form of grid to align details to etc. I would like it to always be visible, but not print. Similar concept to the loci, but as lines.
  10. DR

    Missing plug-ins

    Thank you for the input, but it turned out to be a liscense issue. I have two licenses one for architect/renderworks, and one for spotlight. As it turns out the spotlight license doesn't support the architect modual, therefore these tools are just unavailable. They showed up because I used the architect/renderworks license first. Hope this all makes sense.
  11. DR

    Missing plug-ins

    Architect. I don't think that is the problem though, the menu shows them greyed out and then says that they are missing in the same line. When I go into the workspace editor they show up but are lined out.
  12. DR

    Missing plug-ins

    I have found that I am missing several plug-in that are accessed through "Document settings" section of the "File" pull down menu. I am missing "Document setup", "Model setup", "Create standard viewports", and "Standard naming". Has anyone else run into this?


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