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  1. I am going to assume no because I am not aware of a backup feature. I do use auto save. But I don't think that's what you mean. I do have an older version on my laptop. I suppose I'll use it and redo the parts that are lost.
  2. When I finished working on a drawing today, I quit Vectorworks. During this process the application crashed. As a result, the file was damaged and I don't know how to recover it. When I try to open the file I get this message: This file is damaged. It will open with as much data as possible. I click OK and this error message appears: -39 End of file reached during read. Attempt to read file -FSREAD I am using Vectorworks 9.5.3 on Mac OS 10.4.6 Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. What I like about Quickdraw is the ability to rotate and view the renedered object on the fly. It's really nice to view the textures and shadows and not a jumbled wireframe as the model is being rotated. With Open GL and Renderworks, you rotate the wireframe, then wait for the image to render. Maybe I am missing something. I know Open GL is used is the gaming industry where fast rendering and redraws are crucial. Words of wisdom are most welcome Thanks muchScott
  4. I just upgraded from version 8. During the process, the Quickdraw rendering feature got missed placed. I am quite attached to the litte fellow. If you see him, please let me know. Thanks muchScott
  5. Thats what I was afraid. Thanks
  6. Is RenderWorks 8 compatible with VectorWorks 9.5? I was told by a salesman that it was. But I can't seem to get it installed properly (Mac OS 9.1) ThanksScott
  7. I use Vectorworks at home on my Mac to do moonlight drawings. Most of my clients have access to a Windows computer,but not a Mac. My question is simple: Can a Vectorworks file done on a Mac be viewed with the Windows version of the Viewer? Thanks much


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