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  1. oh cool, i had no idea that existed. thanks!
  2. ah, didn't bother to look. i see. must be a mac thing.
  3. It's running off multiple machines, all with different specs, all macs. All have the same problem. Maybe i got a bad copy of the program? (Although it seems hard to believe...) May I ask what you're running off?
  4. I just upgraded to V12. In V11, i was able to tap the 'C' or 'V' key to zoom in or out quickly. This doesn't seem to work the same way in V12, which is very frustrating once you've gotten used to doing it a certain way. Is there an option that enables that way of zooming to be reinstated? If so, I can't find it. I understand that holding 'alt' or 'apple' will bring up the 'zoom out window' tool, but it's still not as convenient for me. Any suggestions? Is this something that was just overlooked in V12?
  5. i would just like to see a thimbnail preview for image props in the resource browser. thanks! colin
  6. gov_colin


    would somebody tell me once and for all what the deal is with the apollo/gobo/etc textures in spotlight? the main problem is that i don't know much about spotlight, and when i try to mess around with the apollo things, it just comes out wierd. thanks colin
  7. just a quick note: when creating a class texture, i would like to see that texture appear in the object info pallette (instead of just the words "class texture") for a couple reasons: a) so i can see what that texture is immediately without having to check classes or render, and b) so i can edit it, for example rotate the texture on a group of similar walls. also (and i know this has been said before) it would be nice to have the ability to globally rotate textures. colin
  8. hey last question and then I'l stop... would loading up the 3d polys with vertices make for a more detailed model?
  9. sorry, i didn't explain. i linked the dtm layer with the building model layer.
  10. rob i would, but the original 3d polys (which i traced from a bitmap) are long gone, so it's impossible to compare source data with 3d data at this point. all I'm trying to describe is a lack of sensitivity within the procesor. in other words: i understand that the site model tool can build an existing and proposed dtm. however since i'm working with an existing house and i already have the existing contours, i draw in the contours as having a flat pad for the footprint of the house (in an attempt to get around the site modifier tool which i have never gotten to work). another question: i accidently created my source data on a layer with diefferent scale of that of the building model that it would be paired up with. instead of fixing the source data, i just wen into the symbol and scaled eveything appropriately. however now, i can't use the site modifier tool because every time i process the beds/pads, the site model reverts back to the original scale, making it impossible to edit. any suggestions? sorry for typing so much.
  11. vlamar- are you trying to batch render, or are you just getting a blank result on a screen render?
  12. i have been extremely disapointed with the dtm processer so far, in that it tends to round off corners of contours to the point where important detail is lost. i have experimented (to no avail) with different ways of increasing the detail of the triangulation process. has anybody mastered the site model generator tool within the boundaries of the tool itself? (in other words, i don't want to have to convert to mesh or any junk like that). gov
  13. I've discovered a bug in 11.5 where after drawing a polygon, I cannot immediately change the attributes of that polygon as it is still selected. If I try to do so, it changes the default attributes of the none class that I am working in. I have to click off the polygon (to deselect it), and then click back on it to effectively change the attributes. I admit this is a very small bug that may be limited to my machine (which has been known to be slightly unstable), yet nonetheless it proves EXTREMELY irritating when drawing multiple polygons.
  14. AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN. Also the trim tool doesn't seem to be very accurate, and ignores some line intersections for reasons unknown,
  15. Cool. I'll turn down the recursion level I guess, or just make the size a little smaller. Thanks both


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