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  1. Pat thanks again for the script. I have one problem. When scripted into VW it worked fine for one day. Now it only selects one VP and updates it. Any ideas?
  2. Thank You, Pat That's exactly what I wanted. It would of taken me for ever to figure out how to write that. Much appreciated!
  3. Could someone please tell me what to add to a script that selects all the viewports on a layer and updates them. I have the script to select all. I don't know what to add to the script to make it update. I'm sorry, but I have enough on my plate now, without learning scripting. I just want to update all the viewports on one page at one time. Thank you
  4. Thank you. I've given up. I'll change each line after I create it. Worked 2 HRS on trying to make it work. Some things are better done by hand. Instead of wasting time.It would be easier to click the tool, make the settings then double click the tool to hold its attributes.
  5. I've been trying to make use of a Bezier line dashed without fill. I can't get it to change. I get a solid line filled. Am I missing something on its use. I've selected the tool and the attributes I want and use the custom tool attributes and still no change.
  6. Thanks Mike, I'll give this a shot today it looks like what I need.
  7. I have the upper windows in a class called "clerestory" but when deselected there is a hole in the wall in plan view. In order to get the wall back I have to eliminate the window. Otherwise the original wall looks like a bunch of broken walls.
  8. Panthony I tried separate classes and when I turn them off they leave a blank opening in the wall. So in a tall wall with multiple openings @ multiple heights, the wall in plan view looks like a bunch of irregular dashes.
  9. Does anyone have a tip on doing tall walls on a floor plan with windows and doors. My problem is putting in the doors with a large amount of windows above. The windows above block out the doors below. If I choose not to show the windows class, I get blank spaces that plot out the wall completely. So I get a wall with large blocks of missing information.
  10. I've always made my own center line markers. I knew we had center markers in the Dim/Notes tools. So I just looked up in the help and it says the center line markers are in the Dim/Notes tools and there are 4 styles. I just looked for them and I don't have them. Do they exist? I opened the workspace editor and they're not in there. Is it a tool that use to be. Or do I not know where to find them.
  11. Some good ideas, thanks! e-Drawings is a nice feature, but I didn't see VectorWorks listed. They do have a Mac viewer.
  12. Thank You Ray, It doesn't support PDF''s according to Google. I tried to send one this AM. and was refused. I need a way to convert to HTML to use Google docs. Katie, Come on back to Bozeman and see it before it turns into Aspen. You could have a company paid seminar as a reason. Mike
  13. Thanks Katie, I would like them to log on and suggest changes without having to get any special software to view the drawings. I can also control who sees it by invitation. I can upload as presentations but is somewhat time consuming.
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