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  1. Hi Taproot, I’m just starting to explore how Vectorworks data can be moved to Airtable. Automated scheduled or real-time syncing would be ideal, but I know that can get messy. I’ve found it’s easy to move worksheet data to Airtable with a csv export (save for images), but need to look into ODBC for automation. Have you found any smooth workflows for this? Thanks!
  2. Hi Our Spaces, Do you have any tips or resource recommendations for setting up an efficient VW -> C4D pipeline? I'm just getting started seting mine up as a longtime VW/Renderworks user for exhibition design. Thanks!
  3. Hi Olivier, The only workaround I've found is to create the section viewport as normal, convert it to a group, and then start mirroring. Obviously you lose the viewport link, but it works as a brute force method.
  4. Hi All, RickR and Pat's answers were definitely correct, and I think it's been fixed in VW 2019 (at least with Service Pack 1). The key seems to be creating your report with the classes you do not want visible turned off in your navigation palette. The worksheet takes whatever current visibilities are in place and applies them to the image function, but if you would like to change them simply turn on/off what you need and recalculate.
  5. Hi, I use worksheets as a speedier way to enter data into title blocks, but sometimes my sheets exceed my screen size. It would be great to be able to freeze a column so that I can keep track of object IDs as I scroll horizontally, or freeze rows so I can keep track of my headings as I scroll vertically. Thanks,
  6. Ah, well, good to know it should and hopefully will function like that. Thanks for the info, and thanks for your response as well Rick!
  7. Hi There, Does anyone know if there's a way to turn classes off in a worksheet image? I create symbols to represent art objects for exhibition design, and I embed the 2D component of the hybrid symbols with a number for use on floor plans. This number has a different class than the image I would like to appear on the worksheet. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  8. I've been using the 2015 15" MBP w/ 2.5 GHz i7, 500gb ssd and 16GB RAM and the discreet Radeon M370X for the last year, and I upgraded to VW 2017 when it was released. Here are some thoughts: • 2D drafting works flawlessly, no complaints there • Hidden line performance seems to have dropped following the move to 2017. It's still workable with smaller models, but larger models with many layers and symbols can take ~30 seconds to render wireframe. This seems like a drop in performance from 2016. • When running a mirrored display for presentations, Open GL walkthroughs are no longer possible. I design museum exhibitions and use a referenced file that contains the gallery architecture, so that might have something to do with it, but walls tend to render invisible at random places, etc... • Viewport rendering performance is doable with smaller files, but I've really been struggling with rendering even simple lighting conditions in fast renderworks mode. So I guess the summary of my experience would be that the MBP has performed perfectly well for 90% of what I do, but Vectoworks' capabilities seem to be greater than what the the machine can handle. I'm really interested in the possibility of using an external thunderbolt GPU, but even on the newer MBPs with Thunderbolt 3, Apple seems to have hobbled the ability to do this without some workarounds, but it might be worth considering when looking at machines with thunderbolt 2 vs thunderbolt 3 as they could always unlock the feature at a later point.
  9. Hi, I noticed a weird behavior: I had two drawing windows open side by side (which, thank you for adding this functionality!), one on each of two monitors. The resource browser was positioned over drawing b, but I had drawing A active in the list of drawings. I selected drawing C in the resource browser (which was tabbed with drawing A), and tried to import a symbol into drawing A with r-click->Import. The import dialogue window opened and showed that I was importing into Drawing A and I hit OK. The resource browser then showed drawing B as active, and the symbol didn't appear in my drawing A resources. Moving drawing B back into the tab stack with A and C solved the issue. Hopefully that makes sense, but basically it seems like the resource browser wants to activate the drawing that it's floated over no matter what you have selected (bolded) as active within it when importing symbols. Drag and drop showed the same problem. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  10. I'm experiencing some bugs: Selected objects aren't registering in the OIP. It takes a view change (from Top/Plan to Left Isometric and back to Top/Plan for instance) for the information to populate in the panel. There seems to be an extreme lag in placing images, either directly onto a layer or when creating a texture. It hangs w/ a beachball (mac) for about 20 seconds before the file directory opens to select my image. As reported by others, opening 2016 files is slow. Usually 45-60 seconds. The new features seem great though, so hopefully the kinks get worked out soon!
  11. Hmm, weird, I just tried it again and I'm able to get it to work now. Not sure what I was doing wrong last time but I'll try to troubleshoot and post if I find something that seems like a but. Thanks for the feedback, and do please add to the wish list if it's not there already!
  12. Has anyone had success creating a viewport with data visualizations based on a custom record format? I can only get it to work with "Special Records" (Spaces, etc...). Also, is there a way to combine record field values to change attributes based on If/And statements? I guess what I'm looking for is something similar to the custom selection feature. Thanks in advance for any help or comments! This seems like it has the potential to be a powerful tool! -Chris
  13. I've had this problem for a long time actually. It seems impossible to get text styles to stick. My specific use case is including a styled by class text object that's linked to a record format in a set of hybrid symbols. Just editing the text style (changing font size, etc) will un-style all of the text objects in each of the symbols.


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