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  1. Well, at the beginning was a nigthmare, but worked really well in the long run...
  2. And how about the overall speed of Vectorworks in the system? Any difference betwen macOS's?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm currently running Vectorworks 2018 with macOS Sierra on a Mac Book Pro corei7 with 16 fo RAM , so i'm planning to do a clean install of macOS High Sierra, but I'm seeing mixed reviews about the speed of both OS, my question is, is worth upgrading to High Sierra? In your experience, it performs better or not?
  4. Hi, currently Vectorworks does not support multiple GPUs, so is better to have a big one.
  5. When this happens is usually the orientation of the window in the wall or the orientation of the wall, first try to Flip the window on the wall using the Flip button in the OIP
  6. Hi Rudesvx Do you need the 3D model also? or just the title block
  7. You can find them through the Detailing Tool Set in the Architect version of Vectorworks at least.
  8. But if you need more tools to design electrical circuits I'll recomend the VectorMEP suite of plug-ins http://vectorMep.com/
  9. Hi using a 2004 MacBook Pro, corei7 / 16 RAM/ SSD and just when the file gets too big, like 900 mb or more, VW get a little laggy.. You should be more than ok with a Mac Pro
  10. @Gadzooks Very enlighting !! Thank you!
  11. If I undersdant correctly, well, the key is to use the same fill in both components, otherwise, they will not apper joined in the section viewport.
  12. If you want to join the walls using the Wall Join tool, I'm afraid you cannot do that, the walls are layer dependant, so you can only join walls in the same layer.
  13. I agree, and in the attributes you cannot change several classes at the same time, tou have to do it one a the time.
  14. Is the Class that the Stair objetc itself is placed.
  15. My suggestion would be to create a rotated copy of the wood texture and use a different class for the parts of the door that need another orientation.
  16. Hi Sjeed, I've sent you a message with my contact info.
  17. For renovation projects I'll recomend use the Pillar tool along with the wall tool, because is more easy to create a 2D polygon with the shape of the odd wall and convert it to Pillar, you can join walls to the pillar.
  18. Whenever you have a viewport, you have the ability to crop it with a shape to get differents looks of the viewport, if you edit the crop of the viewport you could edit how the perspective looks. chek this video about viewports https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiD6lobdLJI
  19. You can use the Fit Walls to objects command in the AEC menu. and specify the layer of the objects you want to flush the walls.
  20. The plugins work with macOS and Windows, that's what their site says...
  21. Interesting plugin for baseboards and moldings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9c6bHFOsXtE
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