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  1. just send some pdfs to our print house. all text and just about every line has a shadow or grey background to it. what could be causing this? and it got worse when we had them do a half-size set. please help. cherie emac vw architect 10.1.2/osx.2.6
  2. thanks...i'll try that.
  3. ok i spoke too soon. i played around with the "cut wood" object and got the wood grain option. can i use this with an irregular shape as in a trim profile?
  4. sorry robert, i should have been more clear. i was looking for something that would show the wood grain to detail a piece of wood trim.
  5. is there not a material fill for wood in this program somewhere? cherie vw architect 10.1/osX.2.6
  6. great....thanks charles.
  7. thanks for replying kristen. i'll try that.
  8. can i then clip out portions of the plan that i do not need?
  9. what is the best way to do enlarged plans? is it copy/cut/paste or is there a way to link this? cherie vw architect 10.1/osX.2.6
  10. i've gone through the process for "create note database" in the architect user guide and created new sections for my notes and click ok. i try to go to the next step "add to note database" but that option is greyed out. cherie vw architect 10.1/osX.2.6
  11. cherie

    vw 10.1.2

    i just downloaded and installed the update but the vw version on my computer still says 10.1.0. cherie vw architect 10.1/osX.2.6
  12. cherie

    vw 10.1.2

    would that be the 10.1 updater or do i need to go back to 10.0 (that is the disc that i have)?
  13. katie and jim...... thanx for the input. i will see what i can do. cherie
  14. ok i deleted all doors and placed new ones. but i still get an item showing up in the schedule that i don't need anymore. is there a way to select edit that cell in the schedule?
  15. i have a few door ids showing up in my door schedule that i long ago deleted. how can i get rid of these? cherie vw architect 10.1/osX.2.6
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