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  1. Scott61

    Page print area

    I am having difficulty getting the print area to match with the drawing. I have several layers and really don't want to move them all, is there a way to move the print area?
  2. Scott61

    Texture issues

    Thanks to all, I don't know why I am taking so long to get used to components and classes, but you guys advise worked well. Thanks
  3. Scott61

    Texture issues

    Here is the file--thanks St Stephens-Example.vwx
  4. Scott61

    Texture issues

    I can never get the textures to show correctly. I have a simple wall, applied texture-brick-but it shows on the side and on the back of the wall, but not the front. I have cycled through all the options but to no avail, please help.
  5. Scott61

    Disappearing columns

    Deleted everything except pertinent layer and still get error -200. Is there an index of codes?
  6. Scott61

    Disappearing columns

    Uploads keep failing, the file is only 101.7MB, are there other ways to get you the file?. Thanks
  7. Scott61

    Disappearing columns

    I have drawn a series of columns, and simply drew one side copy and pasting from the original column, then mirroring them over to the opposite side. As I was drawing I noticed that I had duplicates of all the columns. As I am learning the program I figured it was my mistake and deleted the duplicates and went on, all was as it should be after I deleted the duplicates, 6 columns each side. Now the issue.... I am suppose to have 6 columns each side, but in plan and axon I have 4 on one side and two on the other...but in elevation I have all 6, both sides! Why would they appear and disappear like that? They are all same layer and same class. Thanks for help!
  8. Scott61

    Printing issues

    Hi, I have an issue printing. The watermark that shows the page size in Vectorworks does not change, even when I change page sizes. I am printing from a sheet layer, using viewports. Subsequently, when I print, the image is never on the page where I want it. I can find no way to manually move the page size watermark, and it does not move when I go to page set up. What am I missing?? I have an Epson Workforce WF-7620 inkjet printer. Thanks for any help Scott
  9. Scott61

    Items not deleting

    Thanks guys! The 5-1 worked.
  10. Scott61

    Items not deleting

    It is not stuff left on the screen plane, it is layers not wanting to work together. Images below, I create the 3d view, and only the active layer cooperates, the other is grayed, but yet I have it set as show/snap/modify. Then I align the layers manually and the second picture shows them snapped together. Finally I use the flyover tool to rotate and only the active rotates. Thanks for any ideas on this.
  11. Scott61

    Items not deleting

    Did that and after the second try it aligned the drawings in 3d, but then I tried to rotate the drawing and only the active layer rotates, leaving the other layer behind. Thanks again for the help.
  12. Scott61

    Items not deleting

    I also just found that in the "Organization" menu I had a viewport linked to that layer, that also may have been causing it?? The view may have survived even if I deleted the original drawings?? Now I have found that two of my layers will not work in 3d together, one goes 3d and the other stays in plan. Any ideas?? Thanks for the reply and help!
  13. Scott61

    Items not deleting

    I have a very strange issue. This is my first job with Vectorworks so I did some things wrong, I freely admit, so as I am going from presentation of design into CD's, I decided to clean up my layers. I had multiple floor plans (long story), really bad idea, so I was reducing everything to one floor plan, but keeping various design elements on other layers. On one particular layer, I deleted quite a bit, and in 2d they were/are gone, when I go to wireframe 3d view, still gone, but when I render the layer, two floor plans that I had deleted appear. I have no other layers visible. Now the whole screen just goes black, like I am looking from behind a wall. (pictures below). Guesses on what is going on??
  14. Scott61


    That worked!! I'm guessing you know what that just saved me so you know when I say "thank you" I mean a BIG thank you! What went wrong? Could you tell?


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