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  1. Gaspar Potocnik

    Vision Meshshape

    One option is to export as separate .esc (which is what I usually use) but what happens is VW exports everything that has the same texture together or if it has no texture then everything with the same color fill. So assigning different textures or color fills make separate meshes in Vision.
  2. Gaspar Potocnik

    Renderworks & Spotlight - Stumped.

    Count me in!
  3. Gaspar Potocnik

    Hoist Tool Personalization

    Coming back to this topic after a few years... So I’ve redone symbols so that everything is uses classes that work for me, but I still haven’t been able to change de default class of the label. I’ve edited the string in the plug in but still it isn’t changing, what am I missing?
  4. Gaspar Potocnik

    Running Video in Vision

    For this you have to create a renderworks texture with an image from your content (or print screen of your output), apptly it to your four screens, an then with the attribute mapping tool "map" the screens. I usually use the actual raster file for the production. Afterwards in vision some cropping is always needed, but not time consuming at all. Regarding the capture device, here are some specs and options.
  5. Gaspar Potocnik

    Spotlight trussing and BraceWorks

    That’s a good workaround, but I am just creating new custom libraries that way... maybe the ability to edit the root class can be added into vw2020...
  6. Gaspar Potocnik

    Spotlight trussing and BraceWorks

    I'm on the same crusade @scottmoore is at the moment, after many years of using custom symbols, trying to see if I can get stock truss libraries into my workflow. One thing I need to get around is classes, is there any way of editing the label root class?
  7. Gaspar Potocnik

    Link VW Render Cameras with Vision cameras

    Sorry @BrandonSPP for the delay. If cameras are also DMX controlable it would be good, but what I am asking for is renderworks cameras created in VW to be exported to Vision, so you can get the same view in VW and Vision.
  8. Gaspar Potocnik

    Color Temperature in molefays is not accurate

    I kept on investigating fixtures, turns out the Showtec Stage blinders are set to 6000 in color temperature (I'm guessing it is still in Kº) and they look much more like and actual molefay, so that is a good workaround... Same setting for a Jarag which looks even more warm than the showtec
  9. Gaspar Potocnik

    Raked Hanging Position Truss

    The big drawback with this workflow is vision and lightwright.. Personally I'm pretty happy with 3d Label legends. but they are still not quite there. Hopefully we can get 2d info in 3d symbols views in spotlight too, that would also make a difference...
  10. I've tried importing different molefays and all of them render a much higher CT than what they are supposed to. Comparing them toa generic P64 really makes you see the difference. I've tried lowering the candela with no difference in color and changing the color temperature which makes vision crash (already generated a report). None of them have the possibility to add a color so that workaround is no good. Getting nostalgic with the way Vision 2.3 rendered molefays 😞
  11. Gaspar Potocnik

    Fixture rotation after reopen file

    Yep, definitely interested!
  12. Gaspar Potocnik

    Video Capture Cards in Vision

    Strange this is, with no capture card connected, I still get the same limit.
  13. Gaspar Potocnik

    Vision Running slow

    I've had this same problem when using sACN, the workaround I found was either using Artnet or restarting the App n number of times until it was OK. JIRA has already been generated on my side a coupe of months ago...
  14. Gaspar Potocnik

    Video Capture Cards in Vision

    2. Choose File > New Movie Recording and then select the input device. Set the recording to High from the dropown menu next to the recording button.


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