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  1. Gaspar Potocnik

    MVR vs ESC

    You probably have a large number of polys and that is why it's tacking that long. My workflow is to generate separate .esc or mvr files grouping things by department or whatever is easier to edit in Vision afterwards. This way if you have any updates to any part of your show you only re-export what has changed and not everything. My workflow will probably change with the implementation of mvr, but for now I stick to it. Regarding which file type to use, I'm currently using a combination of both, depending on what I am exporting and how I want to use it, again whatever is easier to manipulate in vision afterwards.
  2. Gaspar Potocnik

    Spotlight Numbering

    Just started a wishlist post, have a look and vote so it is changed as we use it.
  3. In reference to this post it would be nice to get some upgrades in the new numbering tool: - Ability to reorder the fields. I personally think it should affected by the lighting device parameters you see in the preference menu, if not at least being able to reorder within the tool. Also this way you can see everything that is checked at a glance. - Highlight and check mark seem rather confusing: To check mark any field a double click has to happen (and after the first click the field usually scroll down, so if you had the last field selected you will have to scroll down again and give it the second click) only one click would be wonderful
  4. @A.D.K. there are a bunch of video tutorials on youtube, here is a playlist from WV for entertainment:
  5. Gaspar Potocnik

    Video Capture Cards in Vision

    @Charlie Winter I've only tried Mac OS, works on both 10.13 and 10.14 for sure, haven't tried previous versions or Windows...
  6. Gaspar Potocnik

    Light Instrument Data Appearing in Different Places

    I'm not quite sure I understand your problem. I do see from your file you have 2 symbols, one which look like a stock symbol and one you have edited. The stock symbol inserts properly as a lighting device, and has the proper records attached to it. For some reason you have inserted it as a symbol in the drawing instead of a lighting device, not sure why/how... I've inserted it as a lighting device without any problem. The custom symbol in which you have added your logo and lens is made out of a lighting device, that is the reason it is not appearing in any report. You should edit the stock symbol by right clicking on it in the resource browser and editing de 2d par with your logo and afterwards de 3d for the lens. Have a look at the following video which might help.
  7. Gaspar Potocnik

    Change fixture type

    I am afraid there is no way of changing fixture mode within vision...
  8. Gaspar Potocnik

    Vision Orientation issue

    Yes. Select your fixtures, in the properties windows expand the Rotation tab and enter a value in the coordinate you want. It looks like some must have a different Y value, you can select all and change the value for all of them and then adjust...
  9. Gaspar Potocnik

    Vision Orientation issue

    In Vision change the rotation of anything you need, as simple as that. Once it is saved it will show up the proper way each time you load the /v3s file.
  10. Gaspar Potocnik

    Show unit mark only in dimensions?

    Is there any way of only showing unit mark in dimension text and not everywhere else? Other than using the trailer field in the dimension properties... Trying to have less keystrokes in but keep the unit mark.
  11. Gaspar Potocnik

    Data Tags - Hanging Position Z value

    @Kevin McAllister works like a charm! Thanks!
  12. I'm trying to make a Z value data tag for hanging position, I don't see it listed so I have tried "Z Location" and "RelDimZ" without any success. Is there any workaround or if it is not listed there is no way of having it?
  13. Gaspar Potocnik

    Connect vision to grandMA3

    What resolution are you using in vision? Have a look at the online manual and you will be able to learn what each parameter affects...
  14. Gaspar Potocnik

    Connect vision to grandMA3

    If you are using a Mac to run Vision your only chance to get MA to connect is by Artnet or sACN, for that to happen these configurations are need: sACN - Console and visualizer have to be on the same subnet range. - Console has to be in session and sACN output has to be activated (Network Configurations tab) - Console has to be connected to your switch threw port number 1 Artnet - Visualizer IP has to be in the 2.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x range - Console has to be in session and Artnet output has to be activated (Network Configurations tab) - Console has to be connected to your switch threw port number 2 to be able to output Artnet, if you also want to connect an OnPC then another cable to port 1 has to be connected. If you are using a PC you also have the option of downloading the ESP Vision driver from MA Lighting's web page. After installing configure the driver to the IP address your NIC is using and Session your MA is running. You also have to be in session and connected to port 1 of the desk.
  15. Gaspar Potocnik

    GDTF Fixtures

    Since v1.0 is out, are any of the fixture modes in vision already GDTF? Any idea how current libraries/symbols of VW going to work with GDTF?


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