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  1. Has anybody been able to get a bump on to a stl file? Just trying to get something like a voronoi displacement on on face of a model I have. Cheers
  2. I had this happen once (I think it was in January), with ladders actually, was in the middle of a tight deadline and didn't report it...
  3. Just watched the keynotes. It is mentioned that VW will use metal for the Mac version in 2021, what about Vision?would be nice....
  4. I'm not 100% sure since I. haven't used a Hog in ages, but I believe you can only use sACN or ArtNET if you are using Vision on a Mac. A HogNET driver is available for windows I believe.
  5. So I finally get some time to fiddle around with this but I found myself not being able to get the "Lighting Device" record to show up when filtering. When I apply my criteria I can see it: But when I want to select the universe field to "color it up" I'm not seeing it, am I missing something? I've done the same workflow for truss and motors and that was no problem...
  6. Why not changing the color of your symbols? If you want to keep de grey/black for renderings you only change your pen color so in wireframe it renders with color, if not you change both.
  7. Thansks @axhake hadn't seen that. Since there is a Purge command, shouldn't the color purge be there aswell?
  8. So I've been trying to get rid of the Colors that appear in the Fill and Pen List under Active document, is there any way of achieving this? Can't see the item under the Purge command... I tried deleting everything from the file, run the Purge command twice but nothing gets rid of the Colors from the list.
  9. It looks like your like your data visualisation is set in symbols, maybe changing the fill of your symbols would work for you... Nevertheless applying data visaulization to worksheets or report would be nice.
  10. Problem solved, issue with the file and VW, after a reboot and using a new file this was fixed, old file still doesn't show images in worksheets... Thanks @Pat Stanford
  11. Haven't tried this for a couple of years and note being able to make it work. Trying to make a basic list of symbols. My first column is =('Lighting Device'.'Inst Type') Second column =IMAGE Third column =COUNT I get absolutely nothing, no image, no count in the database header. Cell Format is set to Thumbnail-Top Plan View. I've tried: - different scales - Different view and render types in the cell format - Inserting Cireteria into de IMAGE column (Only difference here is I get a count in the database header and a TRUE or FALSE value but no image. - Generate a report - Create a new worksheet from scractch - New file and worksheet Any ideas? Bug?
  12. I would add the ability to edit the father class hierarchy in the navigation pallet.
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