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  1. Gaspar Potocnik

    3d Label Legend

    Really happy this finally got a 2.0 bump, certainly getting there! I did find some odd things, anyone else found these same issues? - When using a 3D label created in previous versions I am not able to change position of any of the fields assigned previously, actually I don't even see the field in the 3d Layout, only the container. I guess this is because of the feature improvement? - Is there anyway of not seeing the lines from the insertion point to each label? If not, should I generate a Wishlist post? - The assign 3D location in the ASSIGN LEGEN PROPERTIES menu is not working for me. The 3D flipping - In the 3D layout containers don't move with the actual text field. - It look like the positioning of each field is not absolute and interacts with the position of the rest of the fields, so if you move one ,01m it will move depending on everything else in the 3D layout, am I right? Cheers
  2. Must say I am impressed, both with features that have left the wishlist (finally!) and the upgrade the app got in terms of rendering and performance. It's great to finally have control over image and video rendering, and being able to save preferences, THANK YOU! Some questions do arise with all the new stuff: - Do 3D elements HAVE to have a texture from now on? I'm using some existing files (and some new ones) and any 3D object that is imported comes in grey, no mater the color it has in VW. - Can we get a hold of the VWX file of the Sponza demo? It would be nice to understand how the textures are mapped. Cheers
  3. Gaspar Potocnik

    Adding an external GPU to Macpro

    If you have a cMP you can add the newest gpu natively, I equiped mine with a Vega 64 it gave it a new life! On the other hand I’m waiting for a usb c pcie from sonnet to arrive and test my egpu and see how it goes, I’ll post as soon as I have it.
  4. Gaspar Potocnik

    Saving global properties

    I found out these two bug in separate ways so depends. The saved views happens with any merge, so if a set piece is changed or moved I delete the original 3d and merge in the new one, forget about saved views... So yes, this is part of the workflow. Regarding the fixtures, this was a completely random workflow, I wouldn't usually import new fixtures but you never know honestly, specially when doing festivals when floor packages change pretty often... Also I usually have both apps open until I finish my vision file, once its done I'll restart the computer and start programing with a clean start of system resources.
  5. Gaspar Potocnik

    Project Files and sharing

    I'm having the same issues. Didn't have issues in the past with dropbox. I am working with Mac, latest software and os, and doing the project sharing with AFS, anything I should change? Thanks
  6. Gaspar Potocnik

    Saving global properties

    This has been happening to me swell, after each merge I lose saved cameras... This swell, but after restart of vision they disappear. I guess it's a bug?
  7. Gaspar Potocnik

    WWDC happened - OpenGL gone

    I really want to see what the answer for this will be 🤔 Same thing for Vision, which will the call be?
  8. Anywhere we can find release notes? or list of fixed and new features? Thanks
  9. Gaspar Potocnik

    Multiple GPU

    Jim is this only SLI or does it also support Crossfire?
  10. Gaspar Potocnik

    macOS High Sierra and Vectorworks 2018

    I've been running high Sierra on both a 2016 MacBook Pro and 2010 Mac Pro with no major hiccups, only known issue bugs but not related to the OS.
  11. Gaspar Potocnik

    Multiple GPU

    I've been trying to find an answer for this reading through the forum but couldn't find a concrete answer. Does Vectorworks and/or Vision get any benefit from a system with multiple GPUs? Does any even support it? If so, is there any rule? I would guess same brand and Model would be preferred...
  12. Gaspar Potocnik

    Teaser Tuesdays - Mac Touch Bar Support

    Not sure if this should go in this post or the wishlist so feel free to move it. Could we have the tool mode on the touchbar? Honestly, I'm only using the standard views since I don't have numpad everyday and tools already have shortcuts, so maybe this would be more useful for some users.
  13. Gaspar Potocnik

    Project Sharing Title Block

    I'm using project sharing and in my title block using Project Data.File Name . The file name being used is my working file and not the "mother file". Is this the way it should be? If it is OK then it means that which ever user publishes the sheet layers, it will use that file name. I guess the only workaround is to use a custom record and manually enter the name of the project file. Cheers
  14. Gaspar Potocnik

    OpenStreetMap import for Landmark

    Either Open StreetMap or Google Maps / Google Earth. Having to go into sketch up and then import into VW seems a bit too much... I think it should be in Fundamentals, everybody may need to used it at some point...
  15. Gaspar Potocnik

    Align and distribute along path

    I would prefer the second option, the same way the align and distribute works. Thats my current workaround, but it always means tweaking around and having to make additional math to get ir right...