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  1. Completely OFF Topic, but how do I find out SP4 is out? - Updater says I am up to date (guess it still doesn't work) - No post in the forum that SP4 is out. - No answer to my question in the SP3 Forum Topic. - Not in Service Select downloads. - Wy is it only listed in a Video Capture Topic in te Forum? Just curious...
  2. No SP4 for vision? :-(
  3. It would be really nice to be able to export or link cameras in VW with the ones in vision, being able to get the same render in both softwares... This would really improve workflow for me.
  4. To my understanding you cant swap fixture types in vision. For al the other changes you want to do, yes that is the way to do it. My workflow consists in having diferente .esc files for the different things you export. For example, I have one file for the venue, another for the stage, another for each piece of set and one for fixtures and trusses. If I decide to export more fixtures, either I re-export the trusses and then delete them in vision or create some other 3D poly and then delete it. Cheers
  5. I have to say I support Brendan on this one, same thing happening to me in the past months.
  6. I think you are having the same issue I had, check this post, it fixed it for me...
  7. I had the same issue as well, refresh instruments and they re-appear until something decides for them to disappear again and you have to refresh them again...
  8. Does anyone know of any tutorial for the render engine in vision 4 or vision 2017? It would be nice to finally have some reference on it. Cheers
  9. Does anybody know for a fact in which render modes 3D labels are displayed? I'm looking for something that not shaded polygon but that looks alike... I've tried some pencil renderworks and it will not work
  10. Just posted something related: These completely changes workflow, I've also submited bug report for this new "design feature"
  11. So I did my first export to Vision from VW 2017 and found some differences in the workflow: - My userconfig.xml got overwritten. Does this mean that when you install 2017 you HAVE to change the ESP mapping in the vectorworks spotlight preferences? or was this just my issue? - Rotating completely changed! I had realized that 3D rotation un VW had changed, personally it's strange but will have to get used to it, but know the default for vision is a "hanged" fixture, not a "floor" fixture. Is this right? Mayor issue when you have your personalized libraries set to work with the old Vision Workflow! - When assigning fixture mode in VW It does not always display it in the Object Info Pallete (see attached) nor does it have any info int the Edit Vision Data menu, but when exported to Vision it is exported properly... Besides these differences, are there any other? I've looked for release notes or some other document that lists these differences but haven't found one, is there such? Has anyone else done any exporting to vision? Cheers
  12. Completely agree, having classes for colors is a complication when used as you mention. What about the "Label Legend" any ideas there?
  13. Hi, Does anyone know if there is anyway to personalize the Hoist Tool? Some thing I would like to do is: - Edit Class names on which hoists are place - Edit colors for the different functions - Edit the shapes for the different motor types - Edit the "label Legend" - Edit the order of the properties window for this tool Cheers
  14. English...
  15. Anyone heard any news about it? The link said it would be out by May, but haven't seen it anywhere...