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  1. I'm using project sharing and in my title block using Project Data.File Name . The file name being used is my working file and not the "mother file". Is this the way it should be? If it is OK then it means that which ever user publishes the sheet layers, it will use that file name. I guess the only workaround is to use a custom record and manually enter the name of the project file. Cheers
  2. Either Open StreetMap or Google Maps / Google Earth. Having to go into sketch up and then import into VW seems a bit too much... I think it should be in Fundamentals, everybody may need to used it at some point...
  3. I would prefer the second option, the same way the align and distribute works. Thats my current workaround, but it always means tweaking around and having to make additional math to get ir right...
  4. It would be great to be able to align and distribute items (specially lighting instruments) along a curve line, or maybe tweak the align and distribute items tool from the spotlight toolbar to be able to do curved lines o other polygons aswell.
  5. Great to know we are being heard! Thanks for that!!!
  6. Thanks for your answers guys, so eGPU aren't as good as paper says... Going back to the original question, if using the same hardware (lets say Mac Pro 5,1 with GTX 1080 Ti) in which OS is Vision going to work better?
  7. I don't completely agree, you can use any of the most recent cards, Nvidia 10x series and AMD Vega on either a Mac Pro5,1 or New MacBook Pro or iMac with eGPU...That is why I am asking, since I can get any card to work on both OS, is there any specific tests anybody has donde to understand which runs better? It would be great for users to be able to see the FPS somewhere and be able to run some test....
  8. Has anyone tried identical systems running vision on both OS preferably with newer GPU cards? Anyone seen any differences? Also, is there any way to know how many FPS one is getting out of the system?
  9. Personally I have been using my own classing type for the past 6 or 7 years and the new one imposed by VW only makes me have to do some more work... But I also see the need for it, that's why I started my own some years ago. Any chance this could be set in some kind of user defaults? That way it can be translated from user to user but keeping the same file.. Also, loved the Edit Class names available in Australia, second that to be included!
  10. Looking into buying a video card to use as a eGPU with a new MacBook Pro to run VW and Vision. For what I read in other posts there shouldn't be any difference, but has anyone done some actual tests with a Mac? AMD has always been the chipset choice of Apple, should this mean it should work better? I've found online quite a few comparisons on windows and some on Mac, all show the GTX 1080 Ti is 20% better/faster than the Vega 64... @JimW do either VW or Vision benefit from CUDA or Metal? Or is it all OpenGL and OpenCL? Have you done any test on either cards running on Mac?
  11. I've been trying some things out, LOVE this feature. Something I am not able to edit a symbol in 2d in one pane and 3D in another one, is this bug or feature? Also, is there any way to make the pane disposition saved in the user prefs? So when activated the default is to each users preference?
  12. What about those of us who can't go to the designer summit? Can we get any insights? :-)
  13. Must say, WELL DONE! - Wonderfull to have the same shortcuts as VW. - Nice to have controls that actually affect the scene - House Lights ON and OFF is epic. Keep it up guys!
  14. Any news on the installer @Edward Joseph??
  15. Is there any workaround to convert a mesh in a RGB LED like there was in Vision 2? If not please include this into the wis list. Cheers