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  1. I have restarted VW and VCS, and my computer a few times. Not sure what's going on. But I will explore more when I have more time.
  2. This tool worked for me a few days ago, but recently, I have been getting this message. Not urgent, but curious as to settings. Vectorworks cloud services - Connection is established. I am using the correct version of the software. (13.4.2742)
  3. @VIRTUALENVIRONS Getting the right look/feel (including fixtures) is important for higher-end projects. I don't always care about this in many of my commercial projects, but it's important for residential and restroom-focused commercial work. @Jeff Prince , importing Revit entities is a real pain in the neck and can slow down one's workflow. Revit objects don't come in as solids, even if you select that option. You have to explode the entity, regroup the Revit entities into meshes, then solids... Then try to make decent 2d graphics out of the tessellated meshes. Sketchup objects are easier to work with. . Somebody at VW thought to include Munro Pump Stations, Kleenex boxes, hair gel containers, aluminum awnings, food court bistro signs, and curtains. Including decent plumbing fixtures is not that huge an ask...
  4. Thank you, @VIRTUALENVIRONS. I am always amazed by your modeling skills. While the world of plumbing fixtures doesn't change all that rapidly, we should probably get an update every few years through service select. Looking back through the content releases, the last time we saw new plumbing fixtures added was September 2019. Sinks and toilets are present in almost every architectural job. Vectorworks cannot be the best in BIM without better access to current architectural (not interiors) content. It can't be hard to hire an intern whose only task is to hound companies for content.
  5. I cobbled together something out of the Sottini catalog. But I was thinking along these lines... The handheld shower runs along rails or is fixed. Controllers shift between handheld and overhead showers. At least in the US, we are not allotted much code-mandated real estate to locate the handheld device and controller (above the grab bar)...
  6. Has anybody come across handheld showers for use in accessible shower compartments? I wasn't able to locate anything in the standard VW libraries.
  7. Ahh. I right-clicked and hit "edit"... I needed to right-click and select "edit dimension" for this to work... Thank you
  8. A coda to the comment above. Vectorworks is so strange sometimes. I found a workaround... So I discovered that if you decompose a chain dimension it will create a series of individual dimensions. You can then edit the note field of the individual dimensions. Once complete, compose the dimension and VW creates a chain dimension with notes in certain fields, but not others. Who would have ever guessed...
  9. We need to be able to add a note to one field of a chain dimension without it affecting the rest of the chain... This seems very unsophisticated... And probably easy to implement.
  10. I am not an interior designer, so I use furniture architecturally. 3d furniture in a model gives a general sense of how a room is set up or organized. It also provides a room with elements that help provide context, scale, and a general idea for the space. Usually, there is not enough fee in a project to specify the exact make and model. It also takes a lot of time and effort to fully decorate a space. Most of the time, the 3d model furniture acts as a placeholder. I tend to seek out furniture that appears well-designed but which is not too specific. That said, it can be challenging to find the right pieces for a project, even generically. If somebody replicated the Design Within Reach catalog, I'd be thrilled. (Copyright notwithstanding.)
  11. I don't fully understand your question.
  12. @Jeff Prince I am assuming that image was generated in Twinmotion? Is your image Raytraced, or do you use the Mac Version of the software? If so, it is interesting to compare Renderings from the two packages. Lumion software rents at $749 USD/Year, which is certainly an investment. One might be able to bake it into the fee structure for certain projects. Or if there's enough render work to justify. The quality is superb. Twinmotion's quality may be slightly less sharp, but it's pretty darn good. TM is much more cost-effective, especially when you factor in Vectorwork's promotion a few years ago. A full version of TM software runs $749 USD (Perpetual) with a $199 upgrade cost if you've ever had a commercial license. I haven't even upgraded to the better engine. C
  13. If you use the offset tool, select "Duplicate and Offset" and "Close Open Curves", VW will create a closed composed shape. Which is faster than any of the techniques mentioned above.
  14. The link to all six files was in the last link I posted above. Resending, below. (You have to scroll up for some reason...) Also know that there were translated Sketchup rocks with textures in the second link. I find the embedded textures helpful in Shaded Render Modes.
  15. Try these threads... The VW default landscape rock content is not very good. https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/109279-landscape-rocks-resource-manager/ https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/109279-landscape-rocks-resource-manager/&do=findComment&comment=477073 https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/109588-rock-models-free/#comment-477311 https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/109599-vectorworks-rocks-set-1-of-6/#comment-477576
  16. The only other thing that I see is that you are not in the same layer as the wall. Make sure to right click on the wall and activate the layer...
  17. Try switching the bottom bound to something like layer elevation.... See if that fixes the problem. Otherwise, maybe try deleting wall peaks under the AEC command menu. Otherwise try healing the wall and rejoining...
  18. Right click on the row with the door in question and select the item. It should take you to the rogue door. C. x
  19. You have to move to the Benelux region...
  20. As for fit walls to object.... It is best to put the roof objects on a separate layer.
  21. You'd have to post the geometry. But as long as the roof is planar it can be built with roof faces. If it is non-planar, then it can't be a roof face. It's hard to tell from your screenshot, but it looks there are three planar roof components.
  22. This might be what you are looking for.
  23. Sadly this problem is not fixed in VW2024 - Up3...
  24. Yes. I did. Bug submit is always a bit of a black hole. I had a few back-and-forth emails with Premium Tech support. Made a low-quality video documenting the issue. But I did not hear anything definitive as to whether it would be fixed. Floor objects that cannot be selected once reshaped is not a normal VW functionality. But maybe reshaping a parametric object without double-clicking into the shape is a non-standard workflow.
  25. @Tom W. Nobody at VW has given me an official Bug number for this issue. I am not sure whether it is being worked on, or even if it is considered a bug. As an aside, I am also not using VW2024 for real projects until a few more bugs are fixed. @Margaret J You should be able to select the corrupt floor by using the custom selection tool, and deleting it. From the menu tool bar, select "Tools -- Custom Selection", and then select floors. If you want to use the floor tool, I would make sure that you convert the shape to a polygon before making a floor. The floor corruption problem only happens when a rectangle is used to generate the object and the floor is reshaped (without double clicking into the parametric object) using the reshape tool. @zoomer Unofficial deprecation (a.k.a developing and abandoning tools) is a terrible software development/management approach. If VW Development wants to abandon floors, they should make the policy official and put the tool into the Legacy Workspace. BIM novices and others may find Floors simpler/quicker/easier to use in certain instances. Folks certainly cannot be expected to know the behind-the-scenes history of specific functionalities.
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