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  1. There is no library but if you will work with a venue in Turkey just give me a DM and I'll patch you to the right people.
  2. sinanbader


    Updated to SP3 but still freezing on 3D tasks. maybe Mojave Still nor ready for this.
  3. Thanks for the answer @bcd. I'll keep doing manually but I'll be placing a request for it cause hoists moving on their own is kinda dull tool. Maybe good for the visualisation and drafting but still need some work. I'll try to write a script for it but I don't know be able to achieve.
  4. Hi to all; Do anyone know any way to associate a hoist with a pipe or truss or any element to work together, and take the weight loads automatically. Or do I trim the loads on every hoist manually on every height change? This maybe a noob question but if there is a way I can't find it on forum or resources. Thanks.


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