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  1. I would like to create a custom worksheet function to return a value from a range of worksheet cells - Like vlookup() in MS Excel. For now though I will settle for returning the th value in [*args]list To my knowledge the closest I can get to that is the following =RUNSCRIPT(13, 'lookup.py', 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Where: ------------- > 13 - Is the location of 'lookup.py' in this case AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2016\Libraries > 'lookup.py' is the name of my script > 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are the arguments i'm trying to pass in lookup.py: (current) ------------- def lookup(i, *args): >>>return args[i-1] """ Do I need to call lookup(i,*args) here as well? as the function has only been defined and not run above """ Or should I change it more to something like this: -------------- def lookup(f_i, *f_args): >>>for a in f_args: >>>>>>args.append(a) >>>return args[i-1] i = 0 args = [] lookup(i, *args) Please Help. How do I make this work?
  2. Thank you JimW - I appreciate your feedback and that our voices are being heard
  3. I work at dwrdistribution.co.za that distributes Vectorworks in South Africa. The wholesaler for Africa (CAD Africa / MAC Africa) limits us to distribute only serial numbers, no dongles, no network licences, and no trial serials. All I ask is simple: -------------------- > Please please please allow people in Africa to also buy *Dongle* Licences, so that licences can easily be moved from machine to machine > Please please please allow people in Africa to also buy *Network* Licences, so that companies can assign licenses to different machines in the office as needed. > Please please please allow people in Africa to also be able to install trial versions - since if you select your country as 'South Africa' when you request a trial serial you never get a reply from VW, as is reported by all our clients. The only way for prospective clients to get a trial version in South Africa is to pretend to be a student for a month, and download the student trial. > Please please please allow people in Africa to also have access to all Vectorwork's Premier-services (such as cloud rendering), as we do not currently have access. And since one can not build a render farm with Renderworks - even though one can with Cinema4d which uses the same render engine - strange is it not? > Please please please allow people in Africa to also have access to all Vectorworks International Tech Support services, as we are refused service since our serials don't exist in the UK or US tech support databases.. Our only means of tech support is to email the wholesaler, but I personally get better faster replies in these forums Are there any other distributors in Africa that feel the same, or have the same issues? We could put so much more of VW into the market if we are allowed 'the full package' and not just E-series serials and educational-lab-series serials. Sincerely Carl
  4. +1000 Hammers!!) We have sooo many unhappy clients.. We are a distributor for Vectorworks in South Africa - and our hands are tied when a client needs to move an installation to a new upgraded machine, or if they got a blue screen of death and had to reload their machine. Please add ANY of the following: -------------------------------- > At least allow VW to start up to a start-screen or to preferences, where you can add a new serials, instead of closing down as soon an invalid certificate is detected or when someone else is already using the license on the network (on your legally activated mobile installation). So only then when the user can't provide a new valid serial, only then, kick him out.. > In WV preferences add an option to add/remove/activate/deactivate serials > Why not make a new licence type connected to an Online ID like *OpenAuth* / Google / Facebook. So where ever I come across a PC with VW, I can just log in with my ID - and boom! I can make start making magic.. > Please please please make an *uninstaller*! And that also deactivates that particular activation online - giving the user feed back on whether it was successful or not. > Please please please allow people in Africa to buy *Dongle* Licences, as MAC Africa / CAD Africa (the Africa wholesaler) does not allow that in South Africa our clients are crying for better options! > Please please please allow people in Africa to buy *Network* Licences, MAC Africa / CAD Africa (the Africa wholesaler) does not allow that in South Africa our clients are crying for better options! Thanks @JimW - we owe so many VW features to your help & friendly service! [i'll start a new thread on the below later] Why has our $1,500 unlimited NFR ESP Vision dongle suddenly expired since VW took over ESP? We are just receiving automatic replies from everyone we knew at ESP email addresses. So we had to change to a new visualizer supplier - Syncronorm's Realizzer - and are no longer distributing ESP because of no support.
  5. I am getting this error too: A colleague of mine is working on Mac VW2012 in another department. Normally he would save his files to the company server and I would copy them from there to my computer to open them on my Win VW2016 - normally without any problems. But since yesterday I've been getting this error and can not open any file or copy he saves of this drawing. BUT he can still open his files and and work on them perfectly fine. :'( UPDATE: It might be that something goes wrong when my colleague saves a file directly to the server instead of copy pasting it there - As copy pasting it to the server still works, or saving the file to a USB flash.
  6. Hi all: I have 10 sheetlayers each with multiple viewports. I need to export/publish these to both DXF and DWG. DWG - The architects need to keep this on file DXF - The manufacturer needs this for laser cutting So I goto File > Publish. Select the SheetLayers on the left, then select DXF/DWG and add them to the Publish list on the right. Now in the righthand publish list, I shift select everything from the first to the last and change the OPTIONS to DWG & flat 2d viewports Now I select those same SheetLayers on the left, then add them to the Publish list on the right. Now in the right-hand publish list, with only the newly added ones selected, I change the OPTIONS to DXF & flat 2d viewports. But once I do that, it changes EVERY item in the right-hand list that was set to DXF/DWG to now be DXF even the ones that were not selected. So then I try one by one to change the first 10 back to DWG, but then to my surprise, it also changed the last 10 to DWG. Seems that the OPTIONS are applied to any & all that matches its specific type. What if I need to export Sheet 1 - 5 as: DXF UserPreset1? and as DXF UserPreset2? and as DWG UserPreset1? Is the only way to do this to go to File > Publish 3 separate times? What is the point then of saving publish-sets if you can't adjust the settings for each individual item and to not treat them as a whole?
  7. @Benson Shaw Thank you, the stacked vertex explains it Would be nice though if Vectorworks could catch this exception. @JimW / @MarissaF Would be nice, with a lot of the tools, if the FAILED error message could state why the operation failed, or which objects caused it..
  8. Thanks for the help Alan, seems that my original symbol is now also corrupted - with the corrupted geometry rendering through a viewport, but not in any design layers. When does a EAP become corrupt/invalid? As I understand it one should be able to Extrude any flat 2D profile (polygon, polyline, etc) along any 2d/3d polyline or nurbs curve. Did the Profile become non-flat when I tried to Scale the EAP? should I rather in future Convert to Generic Solid and then Scale?
  9. Right, so I have fixed my symbol, the corrupt extrudes no longer appear when either viewing or editing the symbol.. Just as I thought my troubles were over, I created a viewport on a sheetlayer.. and behold, the old ghostly extrudes which are now deleted in the design layers, reappears in the rendered viewport. First I couldn't get the extrudes back, now I can't get rid of them
  10. Yes it seems so. I just re-created the extrudes and then got the same disappearing behavior - I think I know the order of events causing it: > Create Curved Polyline > Create Profile To extrude > Extrude Profile along Polyline path > I TRY to asymmetrically scale the Extrude about the X-axis to fit to other geometry, BUT the operation FAILS! > When I go into the Extrude to edit the path, the path suddenly gets scaled down to what I originally wanted. > When I TRY to exit the extrude I get: INVALID OBJECT, WOULD YOU LIKE TO DELETE? So I assume the extrude object was deleted from the symbol, but was not removed/refreshed from what is drawn on the screen once I exit the symbol? It is kind of like the ghost copies of lighting-instruments that remain on the screen long after they are deleted, no longer selectable, but still drawn where they originally existed - un till I right click > refresh lighting instruments.. Does this qualify as a Bug? @JimW
  11. Yes, Wireframe / OpenGL / Renderworks all give the same problem. Do you get the same problem when you open the file?
  12. Yes, all classes and layers are turned on, all set to show snap modify others
  13. If I convert the symbol to a group > then ungroup, then the group with the electrical wires become available again -> so then I copy > paste that into the original symbol, but now that group has disappeared every where: - it disappeared in the symbol into which I pasted it - AND the original group outside of the symbol also disappeared - there is no instance or record of that group anywhere in my file - AND it does not come back if I undo I feel like crying :'( is there anyway to repair this symbol? The only way to recover that geometry was to go copy it from an earlier version of the file, but even if I do, it disappears again when I paste it into the symbol.
  14. I too have experienced problems with [fixed profile] sometimes not working - even in VW2016. Posted about it here https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showthreaded&Number=222604#Post222604 before I saw this thread. VW2016 file included.
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