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  1. Need to understand why the tile graphic within any wall types are not publishing. See screenshot of viewport on design layer and published file. Any ideas? Example Publish.pdf
  2. Having problems when trying to update a reference in one of our files - every time we try to update VW crashes. Any Ideas?
  3. They said that could be a contributing factor. Perhaps worth trying to speak to the technical department.
  4. Hi Renatex, My Mac Specs are as per my signature below. I spoke to the technical department about this and interestingly they suggested that VW struggles to render on the 5K screens and 4k screens can be more fluid.
  5. Thanks Tamsin, That works perfectly. Managed to set it up using the guidance online. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2016/eng/VW2016_Guide/Viewports/Creating_a_Referenced_Design_Layer_Viewport.htm
  6. It would be great if there was a function with reference files so that they do not import the classes included within their file. For example, we are often sent Structural Engineers drawings which we would like to reference into our working drawing file however the engineers draw with their own in house classes, I don't want these adding to our class list.
  7. Hi, We are starting to look at using the 3D / BIM side of Vetorworks Architect and rolling out throughout the office. I have drawn one of our projects, a large house, in 3D and am having issues with the speed of the program. Can I please have comments on the specifications of our iMacs as seen in the signature below. Comparing to the requirements shown online it looks like we have more than enough RAM however I am wondering if it is the graphics card / processor that is causing the issues. The file I am working on is 210mb - could this also cause issues?
  8. I would like to insert a steel i beam over a window to act as the lintel however unsure how to insert so that it interacts with the wall (i.e the inner block work leaf sits above). What is the right way to insert a steel into a wall?
  9. Thank you, I have changed the settings as you suggested and has worked for the wall (block) hatches! However not so successful for the insulation tile? The colour of the insulation seems to be visible. Although seems to have worked in the file you sent through....
  10. Please see attached! SECTION TEST.vwx
  11. We are new to using Vectorworks Architect. I have created a section of our building, the floor textures are showing up great however the walls are only line work? Attached a screenshot below. Any Ideas?
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