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  1. oh man :eek: read first about the topic, and post then. rob
  2. hi guys, can somebody instruct me what is the difference between a massing model created, say, by extrusion of a rectangle, and a massing model created by 'create an object from shape' from the very same rectangle, apart from the fact that i can create floor plans from the first one, and i can do nothing with the latter one (it remains solid). both from the aec menu item ('model to floorplan'). why are they both called 'massing model', and what is the purpose of the latter? thx. rob
  3. ...and it's not a roof anymore, but a clipped solid. you can't assign any components.
  4. the air layer is mostly regarded as not fully ventilated, and is keeping its thermal insulation capability. you can count all components' properties to the overall calculation. additionally you have to calculate the resistance of the flow entering, and leaving the wall depth.
  5. ok, there's a help item on this: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2016/eng/index.htm#t=VW2016_Guide%2FProgramming%2FCreating_an_Adjacency_Matrix_Worksheet.htm%23XREF_82838_Creating_an rob
  6. from what i know sketchup is a surface modeller, and you apparently need solids, or 2d shapes, in order to turn them into vw objects. rob
  7. jon, thanks again. i'll try to put everything together. for my part the import didn't work, but probably the positioning of the digits was not right. rob
  8. thanks, jon. do you have any hints as to the matrix fields? all i get is a requirement to draw physical spaces... rob
  9. hi guys, does anybody know what remained of the following workflow: https://it.arch.ethz.ch/html/e29tutorials/winnt/manuals/vectorworks/Onlinemanuals/spacepl/v8tkdessp.pdf ?? most of the commands don't exist anymore... thx, rob
  10. jon, i've tested a perspective rendered view. actually it visually works, but the classes and layers are not imported, and the annotations are not snappable. the elements disappear after the actualization of the view. the top plan view doesn't work at all. but the method seems pretty interesting... rob
  11. you mean r-values, right? btw there are no k-values anymore, but u-values.
  12. gester


    thanks, jim. i'm relieved
  13. gester


    any news yet? maybe some doc on energos?
  14. i'm still waiting for the energos manual (how far is it?), but i can't see the flow resistance added (approaching and departing energy - 0.17 m2 k/w, and 0.04 m2 k/w, respectively). is it integrated in the calculations? or am i missing something? rob
  15. slanted walls, anytime? i hoped for the 2017 with it. my greatest wish at all. rob
  16. jim, the mac vs win usage percentages don't sum up to 100 rob
  17. jim, which market is this referring to? the u.s. one? or worldwide in general? rob
  18. i don't believe in a classing system that has no reference to the real objects, classified by national standards. do you guys in the u.s.a. have this connection to the omniclass naming convention? and how about the german version by computerworks? is there any link to any building elements' classification? rob
  19. hehe, and he is also not a german, but a bayer rob
  20. guys, check this site: http://roaringapps.com and you'll have your answers as for your apps' compatibility with different os versions. generally the new os's are more developed than the previous ones my switch from yosemite to el cap required a new huawei driver for my mobile modem, that was all. rob
  21. we're just examining the vw capability of creating infrastructure projects, with masses of earth decomposition and the likes. imho vw has to be able to handle very subtle terrain surface changes (impossible with a small amount of 3d loci), our software for landscape designers is hands down the best one on the market. the second thing is the exact calculation of the cut and fill masses. what does it help if i simplify the site surface ????? rob
  22. have you checked this below? https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=183510 rob
  23. ifc is not editable, dwg is. what does the owner want?
  24. a terrain model from vectorworks is a free form solid, and it exports well to the ifc. don't you guys test before you ask? as for the software itself: vectorworks (but equally any bim authoring software, including autodesk and bentley products) is not a model-to-fabrication software, and it requires a conversion or import into a specialized software for the final production. let's see things in a proper light. rob
  25. our advertising strategy for vectoroworks in poland is currently '2d or bim'. this duality is the best choice for architects still working traditionally on a flat plane, but in the back of their heads considering bim. plus, of course, fantastic design capabilities, placing vw on the first rank among the professional software packages for interior and landscape design. we are currently examining the vw suitability for the infrastructure design, taking into account the parametric solid modelling of the terrain (which is still lacking in products of other vendors). what we'll but not overcome is the possibility of the likes of civil 3d to design the street curves and the side slopes when it comes to the highway design, especially for the exits. we simply don't have the tool for that. and i don't think vw designer is of any value for smes or sole practitioners. they tend to concentrate on their specific business (using a branch module), at least here in poland. rob
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