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  1. 2016 is unfinished (see post above) but if you watch the video on Extragroup's website the potential for quick, dynamic editing is pretty impressive. I am using 2014 until the panel door creation section is completed, which is supposed to be soon. I like 2014 a lot but one can't install interiorcad 2014 and run it w/ VW 2016 which is really unfortunate. I'm told that when VW went from 32 bit to 64 bit in 2015 Extragroup had to completely rewrite the program for the new Architecture. Being a woodworker, I don't understand the previous sentence that I just wrote but it does seem plausible. I really have high hopes. I'll let you know in a couple of months how 2016 is.
  2. Thanks Stephan I do have that manual I have reverted to using interiorcad 2014 as it is easier to create frame and panel doors, which are a necessity in American Kitchen design When will the cabinet door function in that is available 2014 is added to xs 2016? The potential for quick creation and editing of custom cabinets in 2016 is impressive. For me (and I'm sure many others on this side of the pond) quick creation and editing of panel doors is crucial. Tom Pearce (St Thomas) tells me it should be soon-- Can't wait!!
  3. I took a 2 year sabbatical from interiorcad xs. Just bought xs 2016. The English users manual's diagrams of a workspace doesn't match my screen (very much at all) Does anyone know of a reference book for either 2014 or 2016? Are there many Interiorcad users out there? How 'bout a forum ?
  4. I am contemplating purchasing interiorcad xs I do interior contracting and woodwork. Are the moldings easier to extrude? I am having a heckuva problem with EAP and moldings from my molding library (Andersen McQuaid Cambridge MA) I can do base and crown but a door or window fergeddaboutit BTW Anderson MCcQuaid files have the picture of the profile which is helpful. Copperbeech which is in the Library of my copy of VW Architect 2012 is all alphanumeric so I have no way of knowing what the profile looks like Back on topic: How do you interiorcad users like it? Incidentally, I spoke with Someone @ Vectorworks some months ago (no names here) and requested a video of Door and window moldings and EAP. Haven't seen it yet There is a video on Youtube helped me with base and crown, but not Windows. I read another thread about window casingshere and will try it.
  5. I am new to the community board. How does one take a Marvin window from library and case it 3 sides with a copper beech molding a sill and apron? I've searched K base and tech tips. I get the weirdest 3D objects when I try this in extrude along path. Am I missing something? (On my wish list--video on this) Architect 2011 Probably interiorcad xs really soon
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