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  1. gester

    VW 2018 Project sharing

    the folder 'teamwork' resides on my machine, it's not a network folder. or am i missing something?
  2. gester

    VW 2018 Project sharing

    ok, i've installed and logged in. now i want to choose my local folder for project sharing (which is in my user directory on the main drive of the computer) and select it for constant backup. what is wrong with it?
  3. gester

    VW 2018 Project sharing

    hi tolu, thanks for looking at it. no, just dropping files onto our google drive in the web browser. i've set up my private cloud at home for this functionality, but now i have to do it for the company before i buy an additional nas drive ūüôā so the next step would be to install the google b&s client, but do i have to do anything on the server side? have fun, rob
  4. gester

    VW 2018 Project sharing

    sorry for reviving ... how to access a project file located on the company's google drive? when i open a working file, there's no option other than local or connected drives... thx rob
  5. gester

    0,0 Origin

    @anton5 i gather you answer to my #1, thanks for this. i mean a vectorworks project that has been moved from the world coordinates via replacing them with the user coordinates. sometimes the world coordinates are not retrievable anymore, we don't have a cache (like the one in revit) to store the world coordinates for the future exports. rob
  6. gester

    mac os mojave beta

    lacking apple support for opengl _is_ an issue for macintosh machines, and a big one. and, regardless of opengl presence in mac os, it really matters if vw still keeps opengl for the future releases or not. the sooner maxon introduces metal for cinerender, the better.
  7. gester

    mac os mojave beta

    if it's an opengl issue, then maxon will have to switch to metal for cinerender, too. because there comes archicad as well... i only hope that mojave will improve for this issue, because for the new computers it'd mean to go back to the previous os versions.
  8. gester

    Creating a Sheet List

    and how does it work in 2018? there's no other report than the custom one, and the space finish one. i can't pull the sheet name from the sheet border record, as it doesn't contain neither the name nor the sheet title... the records seem to not work for sheets, but only for viewports. thanks for any clue. the more automatic, the better...
  9. @bryan g. i understand it as a real-time display possibility on the computer during the survey (i don't own disto) because of a relatively small display on the device itself. currently you have to transfer the whole data in order to be able to see the result, as the disto display doesn't allow to. @art v thanks, but the engineer doesn't want to run intermediate softwares (he's got enough of them), and his platform is windows (both the computer and the surface 4 tablet). rob
  10. so no chance for a direct, real-time editing of leica survey in vectorworks? vectorworks guys? rob
  11. gester

    Revit Import 2018

    i only had to remove one of the messed up objects and the whole cleared in an instant. but i dunno how or why rob
  12. hi guys, sorry for delays, and thanks for the feedback. the issue is the workflow. dxf works, but as disto has a pretty small display, you have to import dxfs in parts, in order to see anything on your computer while scanning. such autocad has a plugin, and you can see in real time what's going on with the survey. the above is what i've been told by the engineer working on vectorworks, and trying to utilize his leica. rob
  13. sorry for reviving... some of the prospects are asking about the usage of leica disto (s910) and the right procedure to collect the survey data. what formats should they use, as dxf apparently doesn't work properly? are there any plugins needed? thanks.
  14. gester

    Smarter Wall Framer

    i second this wish. in poland there are walls that have wooden or metal frames in the thickness of the construction core (be it concrete or masonry), with thermal insulation outside and the plaster or gypsum cardboard inside. it'd be helpful to be able to calculate all elements separately, just for 5d in bim thanks.
  15. gester


    hi alan, have you succeeded in finding the worksheet? i'm just scrutinizing the same issue... rob update: ok, i've found out, it's a localized version...


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