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Hybrid Symbols: 2D components not displaying in viewports



Dear All

I have a drawing with 3D/2D symbols. 

They have 2D components for top/plan and right.

In the viewport on the sheet layer: the top/plan 2D compenents show fine when the viewport set to top/plan view. 

When the viewport is set to right view however I just see the 3D component of the symbol- not the 'right' 2D component.

Can anyone tell me why this might be the case?

Many thanks


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On 4/29/2022 at 7:14 PM, markdd said:

These components only work for a Hidden Line render. You will also need to enable 2D components in the Object Information Palette of the Viewport. 

Ahhh thats why... but hidden line renderings take time ... There is no other solution to see 2d components in front back and side view ????

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1 hour ago, Ben59 said:

There is no other solution to see 2d components in front back and side view ????


Can you explain the effect you're trying to create? In what Render Mode other than Hidden Line would you want to see the 2D components + not the object itself?

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Hello , I'm a spotlight user, so I use truss who have a top 2d component, the component are "instantly" visible in top plan view in wireframe rendering .

with angle for example, the truss can be rotated  and the we don't see it 2d component.

a solution could be to generate side 2 d component, but but to view it i 've to turn wireframe rendering to hidden line who takes time ... 

I ll send screen shot in few time ...

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In top plan view when I rotate a truss Vector create a new symbole called 3d, If I edit it's 2d component I can have a 2d view of the truss element in all rotated position (with some default

But in front view it works only in hidden line and it takes +-4sec to generate the 4 truss, and in hidden rendering the fill color are not generate
And I don't no why to truss are still in black





2d components-02.vwx

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