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  1. Dear All I have a drawing with 3D/2D symbols. They have 2D components for top/plan and right. In the viewport on the sheet layer: the top/plan 2D compenents show fine when the viewport set to top/plan view. When the viewport is set to right view however I just see the 3D component of the symbol- not the 'right' 2D component. Can anyone tell me why this might be the case? Many thanks Will
  2. Dear All Is there a way to Offset Poly / Offset Nurbs such that you delete the original? Many thanks Will
  3. Dear All Is it possible to control whether a node within a marionette network is enabled from within the object info palette of the marionette object? eg: I've got a network in which sometimes I want the symbol mirrored and sometimes I don't. Can I achieve something like a 'Mirrored: Y/N' within the object info palette? Thanks all Will
  4. Hi All Is it possible to remove a selection from within a group? (As opposed to ungrouping then regrouping) Many thanks Will
  5. Thanks for your tips Pat
  6. Dear All If you have several Custom Renderworks Styles within a document is it possible to assign the Fast Renderworks mode to a specific custom Renderworks Style? Many thanks Yours Will
  7. Dear All Is it possible to get a beam to shine from a Lighting Device that'll show up as light in a render? Or attach / assign a Spotlight to a Lighting Device? Many thanks Will
  8. Dear All Is it possible to attach a focus point to a spot light? [from the Lighting Tool as opposed to a Lighting Device]. Right click on the light and 'Focus Instruments' is shown as an option but when you chose a focus point it seems nothing happens.. Many thanks Will
  9. Dear All Is it still possible to print from Vectorworks 2015 to pdf using Acrobat DC? Maybe its me or maybe something has ceased to be supported. Thanks All Will
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