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Worksheet Name in Worksheet?

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I'm really surprised if that is the case and also somewhat surprised it has not come up before. 


I am making a bunch of very similar worksheets that are sorting info from different locations.  I am hoping to have a cell at the bottom that just says what the worksheet name is for reference to be sure I got the right one.

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Try it:
1. Select the name of the worksheet on the resource manager and copy it.
2. Place this worksheet in the drawing.
3. In the OIP of this worksheet, paste the name on the Name field and add a number, a caracter or resume it.
4. Clic twice on the worksheet in the drawing.
5. Clic on an apropriate cell for the name and type:
Clic the checkmark.

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@Silvano,  Nice find, but it is fragile. It only works because when you are selecting to recalculate the worksheet you have it as the selected object.


Try this. Repeat your steps above and create a second worksheet with a different name.


Right click on either of the worksheets and choose Recalculate All Worksheets. Notice that the Name field in both worksheets is replaced with the name of the worksheet that you clicked on.


Also, this is not the name of the worksheet, it is the name of the worksheet image. If you rename the worksheet in the Resource Manager, the name in the OIP does not update.


If you recalculate from a script like in the following thread. You could have any object in the drawing selected and get the name of that object instead of the name of the worksheet image.



If this works for you in your application that is great, but this is not nearly robust enough for me to use as a general purpose solution for what I am trying to do.

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