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Object replacement from two different tools

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Not sure if I really got the problem.


But if you have Door Styles,

you could select a (styled or un-styled) Door and add or change to another Style in OIP.


I am not sure if you are familiar to Styles or if maybe your (french?) VW localization

even offers Styles for your Doors or Windows.


Basically you could define every setting of a Door in a Style, the same way as you can do

in the Door Plugin.

But preferably in a Style, you would just set and lock Settings for the overall Door's character,

like frame thickness, Material, Class assignments, ....

while you would unlock basic dimensions like Door Width/Height etc. for individual settings

for each Door after insertion.


So if you cleverly organized your Door Styles,

you would just change one or more Door's Styles in OIP,

e.g. to change a wooden Door into a Glass or Metal Door - while keeping its individual

settings like Dimensions, Single vs Double Leaf Door, ....

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I am well aware on styles, sorry if my question was not clear enough. Let me elaborate : 


Different tools can give you the same kind of objects. For instance to create a door, you can generate it through the tool "Door and Window" (we give it a style named A) or through the tool "Doors" (we give it a style named B). 


In my case, I started a project using one tool to generate doors but then realized another tool was better. 


So my question is this one : 


Would it be possible to replace the door style A (from "Door and Window) by the door style B (from "Doors") ? Via the OIP as you suggest, it is, I believe not possible. 

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I am not aware of a 'Door + Window' tool. I know in Australia there is the 'WinDoor' plug-in but didn't think it was available in Europe...?


I can see if you did have the two tools you mention it would be useful to switch an object from one to the other but are there any other tools/objects this would apply to? Your original post was more general. I can't think of any other circumstance I'd want to do this but perhaps I'm not being very imaginative...!

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I agree with Tom.  The different "tools" create completely different objects. There is no easy way to replace one with the other. You will just have to delete the original and create the second.


It would probably be possible to script this, but it would take someone who had access to a version with both object types to make a conversion table so you could read the parameters from one object type and then adjust that data to get something similar in the other object type.

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So I think this because of the french localization.

You may have a better Window+Door Tool than the VW US Version

(which isn't that hard)

Like the German or Benelux Localisation of VW.


Additionally the may have included an older or even the US version of the tools,

for convenience or that you are able to edit these. (I can't edit German Windows)


Similar to Stair Tool vs legacy Custom Stair here.

(But I think you have to pull the hidden old Tool out of your Workspace manually ?)


So I can't test or have any clue if there is any way to replace a Tool A Door by a Tool B Door.

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