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'viewports have been removed'





"vectorworks one or more viewports have been removed from the referenced layer name xxx; viewports are not supported on referenced layers when the referencing method is layer import"


I get this method whenever I update my referenced files and am sure it says the solution in the message but I can't find out what is the issue.


What is the problem?



Screenshot 2020-05-22 at 17.18.52.png

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The layer(s) you are referencing have Viewports on them. The viewports will not transfer to the referencing file.


If you need the data in the viewport you will have to convert it to something other than a viewport so the data can be referenced. This will be kind of a pain if you are still working on that file also.


The best option might be to Class the viewport. Make a duplicate of the viewport. Decompose. This should give you a group with the same contents as the viewport. Set the Class of the viewport to Invisible. You might be able to just set the reference to not import the Class of the viewport.


When you need to update the referenced file, delete the Decomposed Group and recreate from the viewport.



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@Rishie   If I'm understanding your method, your decomposed "VP" is no longer an actual VP, but rather a bunch of geometry in a group.  That includes the geometry from the crop object (a rectangle?).  Enter the group, select and delete the "crop object".


If you subsequently edit the orig VP and need another decomposed copy for referencing, uncheck the Show Crop prior to decomposing (should prevent the crop from appearing in the group). Or, if the crop is visible in the newly created group, edit the group and delete the rectangle.





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