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  1. Hi Kenton Peter, We undertake VW outsourcing jobs (Drafting, Modelling, etc.,) and we are Vectorworks and Vectorworks only from India. To Learn More about us https://vectorworksoutsourceindia.com. Thank you, Rishie.
  2. Hi, We undertake VW outsourcing jobs(Drafting, 3D Modelling, etc.,) and we are Vectorworks and Vectorworks only from India. To Learn More about us https://vectorworksoutsourceindia.com. Thank you, Rishie
  3. I have also noticed that the wall object sometimes disappears after inserting the slab through the inner boundary mode. The wall appears in 2D but not in 3D. I am only able to select it in 2D. When I move it in 2D or replace the wall style it shows up in 3D. I am using VW 2019 SP4 in Mac OS 10.14.6
  4. Sometimes, while working in design layer the connect between the story levels and design layers removes automatically and I can’t find when this change is happening and how is this happening. I have encountered it two times, first I thought I would have missed something and when the same happens again I can’t find when and why this is happing, but this makes things strange. I need to manually connect all the design layers once again to its story level. Have you ever experienced this?
  5. Could we calculate (X direction x Y direction) ? other then (length x width) (or) (width x length), calculate room dimension taken as (length x width) which is longer side of rectangle x shorter side of rectangle
  6. Hello guys, I am trying hard for creating a lighted candle, but can't find the appropriate setting for light and rendering. could anyone out here help me in achieving it. I had attached my file for your reference. Candle.vwx Candle.vwx
  7. I have tried creating a fabric texture by importing a image but i can't find the perfect setting for it. while rendering i can't active what is needed? i have attached the image of the fabric. please do suggest a setting for it.
  8. Exactly, Gadzooks You are correct
  9. Hi guys, How to fit corner window in wall which is jointed using capped wall joint mode? While inserting, it is not fitting properly. Could anyone help in fixing it For clarity i attach few screenshots and Vectorworks file corner window.vwx
  10. Hi guys, Is it possible to change my X-ray penetration circle diameter? if it is then please explain. which comes while pressing 'B' key in Open GL or any rendered mode other than wideframe .
  11. Thank you Jim Smith for your clear explanation... if i have different material or texture with different extrudes in my chair how to extract those materials volume, area for making BOQ( Bill of quantity) In Revit I find it very easy with material take off Schedules I have attached chair image with different material for clarity For making BOQ for cabinets which have many extrudes and different materials into it how to extract volume, area quickly other than applying function and criteria individually for each extrudes or class.
  12. I have created a 3d chair just by extracting multiple basic shapes. And i cannot find a way to extract volume for that. Can anyone suggest a way
  13. How to export 3d model that have been created in Vectorworks 2017 to photoshop?
  14. Thank you pat and michaelk.. How to submit report to vectorworks regarding this issue???
  15. Hello guys, I tried to calculate average area in worksheet where i need to divide cell B2 by cell C2, I used (=B2/C2) in cell D2 which is in my database but the result is not as expected, its not actually dividing its just showing the values in Column B. whereas addition and subtraction is working fine but not divide and multiplication. Does anyone have a solution for it, I attached my file below kindly refer it. worksheet div.vwx
  16. Rishie


    Hello Matt, I got it by checking in into merge adjacent component with same fill in my display tab in advance section property line dialogue box
  17. How to change insertion point for a symbol? for a 2D, 3D and hybrid symbol.
  18. Rishie


    Thank you Matt. I am waiting for that improved version
  19. Rishie


    Thank you Mr.Alan
  20. Rishie


    Hello Matt, Not about wall and slab ,but the components in slab, Look at the below image two concrete layer is separated by a line how to join it?????
  21. Rishie


    But shutter is designed to close the window in india. How can i make it close any possible way atleased to show it as closed
  22. Rishie


    How can i join the components in slab?????


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