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BIM Voids (PfV)

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Dear All,


I am finalising a set of tools for Provision for Voids in Vectorworks. I would love to collect any kind of information about how you deal with these elements in your BIM projects. 

Share your experience, tell me your problems, tell me your recommendations.


Thank you for sharing!

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In an IFC project there is a point where one must exchange "hole" objects between architect, structural and MEP engineers. So any wall or slab which is cut because of pipes or whatever, gets "Voids".


This can be a complex process. The void objects must be evaluated, rejected and/or accepted in a collaboration software.

For this reason a wall hole is not enough.


The holes are usually represented in plan with a graphic like the one in the screenshot below, this for some reason doesn't seem to be needed in USA, since VW doesn't offer such a tool.



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Ciao Nigel,


I hope to have some feedback from people planning and managing IFC voids, the 2D part is not relevant, it doesn't require any particular tool.

On the other hand, the management of voids in a BIM environment is major trouble and pretty complex. It takes a number of tools and commands.



Ah, BTW, I don't sell them nor share any of it.

But since I am quite off my expertise (I represent very well the banal architect), I am eager to learn from others knowing more.

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4 hours ago, str said:

I follow this topic with great interest. A while ago I bumped into this by @Hippocode but it looks like is meant for mep design rather than architectural design.




This plug-in is part of our VectorMEP bundle. It's not meant to be a clashing tool, but rather a tool that automates openings and allows you to communicate about it.
While the example shows automated voids between pipes and walls, the tool allows you to select any kind of "clashing" object, thus not limited to MEP design.
It also allows you to export/import voids between users as a communication tool. You can add comments, accept or deny void suggestions etc...


Showcase video:



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In short:


Only the creator of the voids requires a VectorMEP license. All the other communication tools are free.

The mapping tool allows you to predefine filters of objects you would like to compare. For instances all pipes versus floors. You can even define a parameter value to filter even further.
You can also setup additional dimensions when creating voids, based on some categories. If you map a "pipe" as "Plumbing" category, the additional offsets will be used as set in the dimensions dialog.


Person A creates the voids by selecting the mappings.

Person B references the file that contains the voids.

Person B can now manage the status and comments of these voids within his own project.

Person B can export his modifications to an XML file.

Person A imports the XML file, which updates the status and any comments of each void.

This process can be repeated.


Note the the openings are only created for those objects that support it, but in both cases the void object will be present.

You can create unlimited void mappings based on object names and optionally based on a parameter value. Also supports custom objects.


I'm about to update some of it's functionality so wait a tiny bit if you plan on testing it out.

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Thank you Hippocode, I did know your tool since 2017. 


I am interested in the process itself, I always prefer to develop my own tools, so that is easy to change whatever I want.

I myself won't be able thus to enjoy your tool for this reason, but I think you did a great job there and will recommend it.


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