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FILE SIZE VWX-DWG - theatre design

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Hi team.  
I’m having massive problems with the file size of my drawings - which are currently around 5gb per show.  They’re drawn mainly in 3D, and having issues especially when converting them to DWG... they do reduce in size, but are still gigantic versus 2D drawings.  It would be a shame to have to revert backwards to 2D.  Does anyone have any tips?  I’ve tried purging, but file size only reduces 5%, and selecting ‘Objects out of Page Boundaries for All Sheet Layers’ deletes everything apart from  annotations - thanks! 

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There are lots of ways to keep file sizes managable. Here are a few ideas

  1. Any repeated elements should be made with symbols
  2. When possible, convert 3D objects to Generic solids. The "history" of an object takes up alot of space.
  3. For complex geometry particularly meshes and small repeated elements, try and use textures instead
  4. Delete any unused viewports
  5. Referencing files rather than importing geometry can be helpful, but may not be that useful if you are exporting to DWG

Those are a few ideas. I am sure other forum contributers will be able to add further....

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If you are having consistent issues w/ file size then I would say it has something to do with your workflow, and not an errant piece of geometry which can sometimes lead to file bloat.  Marks suggestions above are good places to start.  

-are you importing a lot of props into your designs via sketchup and such?  Those polygons can dramatically raise the file size.  

-are you placing a lot of 3d people about in your scenes?  

-How are you creating your viewports?  Are they just views of the 3d model or are you creating line drawings of them using covert copy to lines?  



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I've found that viewports contain image data that extends beyond the viewport.

IDK about later versions but as long as I've used VW it has done this so I tile large images and put each tile in its own class.


Are you using more pixel density than the viewer sees? Best to degrade the images. Sometimes I run them through a 'oil-paint' filter is ps\gimp whatever - IMO this works better than scaling\reducing ppi\pixel-count.


Seconding using textures - hatches are really inefficient in vw and inflate file size.



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