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Items disappearing and reappearing when scrolling on Sheet Layer

Andrew Davies




I've posted about this behaviour before a while ago - don't really understand why it is still happening.  The objects on the video that disappear and reappear are all simple, 2D symbols.


Nothing complicated


Working on a MacBook Pro 2019 with a decent graphics card.


To summarise - when momentarily scrolling - the objects are shown, but they vanish when I stop scrolling.  When publishing they show up.


Very frustrating 





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The Video views differently now and I can see the zooming which was not visible earlier.


I agree, there problem exists for me too, however, things sometimes appear better  if you disable "Adjust Flipped Text" in Document preferences.....


I also see a similar problem if I use the "Levels of details" function in symbols (which sort of makes sense)

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Something else to try when you have video issues is the Navigation Graphics setting in the Display tab of the Vectorworks Preferences. Try the different settings and see if it helps.


Also, you could try and create a new user and open VW and the file giving you trouble there. If it works in the new user, then there is some kind of problem with your user settings. Either a reset of VW preferences or quite VW and drag the User folder out of Application Support and Preferences. New ones will be created. If that solves the problem then you either try and restore parts of the user folder or just bite the bullet and reconfigure VW to your liking.

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