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How would you model this trim


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See attached screenshot.  How would one go about modelling the curved trim on the face of this range hood cover?  I can make the shape of the range hood easily enough with simple 3D tools, but I'm a bit stumped on how to model the trim/frame on the face.  Or should it be a subtraction?  Either way, I need to create the 3D geometry.


And insights welcomed.




Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 15.26.22.png

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I would do the following -


- Duplicate the range hood shape and shell it to the outside with the shell thickness = to the trim depth. (Make sure to choose multiple faces when you shell so you're not shelling the back, top and bottom.)

- Turn to face the range hood face on. Draw the interior of the panel shapes. Extrude them.

- Switch to top view, align the extrude over the front shell of the range hood. Subtract the extrude from the shell.

- Switch to the side view. Draw the interior of the side panel shape. Extrude it.

- Switch to top view, align the extrude over the side shells of the range hood (drag the extrude to extend it if necessary). Subtract the extrude from the previous solid subtraction.


The inside angles of the trim aren't perfect but if its for visualization this is the fastest method.




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Thank you all for the replies.  I think I will try all three methods and see what works the best.  


Maybe it's just me, but I find all the different 3D commands very confusing, and difficult to learn.  I don't find drawing 3D in vectorworks all that intuitive.

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