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Phillips Head Fasteners ?

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Does Vectorworks have Phillips head fasteners, in 3d? I've been looking for them and couldn't find...



Nutty Screw.vwx

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Posted (edited)

Fastener Tool and other options in the Fasteners tool set seem to avoid the phillips head or cross slot options.

I've often wondered about this and think it's an oversight - overlooked for many versions.

Should be corrected! Let's make a wish!


The Detail tool set includes "cross slot" 3d Wood Screws and 3d Sheet Metal Screws.

Also, why are these fasteners in the Details rather than the Fasteners tool set?  Seems legacy rather than logical

They can be moved/added to the Fastener Tool Set via the workspace editor - if it's worth it.


One could make a Symbol combining a screw head and a set screw and some washers (not shown).


@cberg Messed a bit with your file. Sorry 'bout that.





Nutty Screw2.vwx

Edited by Benson Shaw
swapped out the vwx file

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How about the best fastener option the Roberson or Square Head?

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You can always download from Mcmaster-Carr.. of course a good native VWX parametric would still be the best though.

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