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Mike Wright

Bridle tool problem

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When I create a bridle (simple 2 leg to a structural member in this case) the auto select tool picks the correct objects as below:




But when the bridle builds it is at the wrong height:




Am I doing something wrong?


VX2019 SP3.1 Windows 10

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Does anyone from vectorworks monitor this forum?


Unless I am missing something there is very little training/support documentation available for braceworks and I don't always have time to pester VSS support.

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Hello Mike.

You probably need to change the Bridle Preferences.

I use the Apex Height setting most of the time.

But the problem with the tool is it works the wrong way around.

Don't add a hoist.

Add the truss and then create the bridle.

In the truss a red square/diamond will appear click.

And the bridle will be created.

Choose replace down leg with hoist from the object info pallet.

And that's it.

The thing is that all your choices in the Preferences menu are the choices you don't want to use.

But we don't have a choice.


Hope this helps greetz Martijn.







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Dear Martin,

I'm interested in your comment about the preferences. Can you name the choices/things you'd like to see in the preferences?




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I'm still nowhere with this



Trim height setting makes no difference, it is only referred to if you are in 2D plan view


All I want to do is create a 2 leg bridle from a truss to two house points.  The simplest of things.


Below again the difference between what is predicted and what is actually drawn.


Also How can I connect a truss to a house point in a straight drop?  Single leg bridle does not work, it will not select automatically or manually.


I really am extremely disappointed with braceworks.  I spent some time persuading my employers to make the not inconsiderable investment, why should I now have to explain why it will not perform calculations for the simplest and perhaps most common rigging practices in the entertainment industry?




bridle 1.jpg

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Dear Mike,

Why not post the file here (strip out all the non relevant bits) and some of us might be able to help. Or of course contact your local tech support. There's usually a reason for these things!




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