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  1. Most text seems to operate best at default size if you are working in a 1:50 screen scale
  2. Hi No there is not. You will need to create an extrude the same shape as the screen and map a glow texture to that
  3. I too find that 'Fine Tune Camera' does not work. It doesn't jump like above but the controls do nothing and the whole tool slows down VWX VW2020 Windows 10
  4. I've noticed in VW2020 that the text fill in the stage deck tool is offset Bug or something I'm doing wrong?
  5. Hi There is no current curved LED tool unfortunately. I build them as individual screens but you then need to build content for each section of the screen. As i visualise a lot of these my workflow is generally to draw a Regular Polygon with sides the length of each panel and the number of sides to reflect the angle between each panel (ie 360/x). This gives me the required diameter etc. I then use either the LED screen to create a 1 panel wide by x high LED screen, line this up with the polygon and then use duplicate array to create a circular duplication. If i need to add screen content I just create an extrude the same shape as the face of the entire screen and apply texture to this. Hoping this gets built into the LED screen tool, I'm sure it's been requested
  6. Hi Unfortunately the functionality you seek does not exist (despite it being a very common rigging practice). Multiple users have pointed this out.
  7. Yes. Also they do not work for circular trusses. I have raised this with tech support and a bug is filed I believe
  8. There is now a bug filed for this. Expected fix in SP2
  9. Do you know where I can get VW 2020 SP0? Doesn't appear on the downloads page
  10. Strangely, you can only change the trim height with one truss object selected, it will move the rest of the system as well though as long as you have it all connected properly
  11. You need to change the trim height of the truss system not the hoist hook. The hoist hook will adjust to the new trim height but not the other way round
  12. I haven't rolled back yet but I can confirm that the problem does not manifest in VW2019 so I'm just going to take the whole project back to that
  13. I am also having this problem Interesting that it is an SP1 problem, I will roll back.
  14. When trying to connect the circular truss in the attached file to the top tri truss, i get a repeatable instant crash. I am using a hoist symbol as the connection. It does not matter if the truss circular truss is flat or at an angle. The connection I am attempting is this: Also on the rare occasions that it does not crash, the low hook of the hoist does not appear in the correct position, it sits directly below the circle as if it was not at an angle. The Z value of the hook is the same as the centre of the circle truss or possibly the Z value of the start of the truss section it is attaching to1: Looks like another annoying bug that us paying beta testers now expect to come across. VW 2020 SP1 Windows 10 truss connection crash.vwx
  15. if your pipe and drape is directly below a truss it is probably adding it to the truss as a load and therefore giving it thew same Z value. The same happens if you move lighting fixtures that are perhaps part of a floor package under a truss and all of a sudden they are flown! I believe if you hold 'ALT' whilst you drag it will not attach to the truss (not 100% on this, it works for rigging objects like hoists) A work around is to hide your truss layer when you move the p&d or perhaps use the clip cube
  16. You need to make the base and clamp into a group with the 'Parts' record format applied and 'Base' ticked. Have a search for videos explaining how to build custom lighting instruments, this explains the roles of the parts record
  17. Not sure it's everything Would be interesting to hear what people's experience on this is. You cannot rotate a video screen object for instance.
  18. Hopefully a fix soon. There is a similar manifestation of this problem I think in the below. I am trying to draw a 2 point bridle from two structural members to be in line with the truss. The bridle always draws at a slight angle: Maybe this is something I am doing wrong?
  19. It is pretty common tor bridle off a beam or house points parallel to a truss if say you need to distribute your load or avoid HVAC/lower steel work. This would seem to be a pretty big over-site. And if the house points tool doesn't do parallel two leg bridles and you cannot attach a single hoist to it in a striaght drop then what on earth is it for?
  20. Also take a look at this in V2020. I'm only just migrating from 2019 and this seems it may solve some of your problems:
  21. Hi Brad WYG and VWX are very different tools, I understand your frustrations but I suspect with some training and help from here you will get over it. How are you creating your custom image for the blended screens? Have you created a lighting position form your truss? I believe if you have, you can no longer rotate on the Z axis as the position contains 2D geometry. Perhaps this should be a feature request? A work around is to create your truss then with the whole system selected click the 'Draw 3D only' box in the object info palette. You can now add lights as you would normally and the truss will appear in 2D plan view as a wireframe model like this: Now you can view the whole rig from the side and rotate it in the Z axis like this: Thanks to the recently added fixture rotation features they will still appear in 2D plan view as normal which is great for plots and labeling: Unfortunately if you need to add more fixtures you will need to either adjust their height and rotation manually or adjust your truss back to flat first Hope this helps
  22. Gladly Attached is a clean file started from scratch. I am attempting to create a 2 leg bridle (V2019) Bridle test.vwx
  23. Definitely a bug It mirrors but does not seem to mirror the focus point of the section either so any section with an off centre focus does not mirror correctly.
  24. I'm still nowhere with this Trim height setting makes no difference, it is only referred to if you are in 2D plan view All I want to do is create a 2 leg bridle from a truss to two house points. The simplest of things. Below again the difference between what is predicted and what is actually drawn. Also How can I connect a truss to a house point in a straight drop? Single leg bridle does not work, it will not select automatically or manually. I really am extremely disappointed with braceworks. I spent some time persuading my employers to make the not inconsiderable investment, why should I now have to explain why it will not perform calculations for the simplest and perhaps most common rigging practices in the entertainment industry?
  25. I have had the same when resetting the IDs with nothing selected, It seems to try to set an ID for every object in the drawing


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