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  1. Mike Wright

    Single house rigging points

    THIS! Link to your request and I will support. It's such a common scenario. Hoist top hook snaps to house point and low hook to truss would be great
  2. Mike Wright


    Your Glow should be contained, it should not wash out your scene like this. Here is a simple glow texture (at 300%) in a channel, is this the effect you are trying to achieve?
  3. Mike Wright

    Audio array tool

    I'm still assessing whether braceworks is worth the investment and whilst playing around have found the following problem. If you have an array utilising more than one bumper, only the top bumper is included as a load. See here where I have selected the whole system, the second bumper is ignored. In the OIP there is no option to 'include in calculations' or name it as a load.
  4. Mike Wright

    Problems importing large DWG files

    HI Nina I can send you a dwg that I had problems with. It could well just be a problem caused by sloppy production on the other end of the process, I've had wildly varying success with dwgs from clients. I will message you with a file link.
  5. Mike Wright

    Problems importing large DWG files

    I've also had problems with large DWG imports (like large urban plans in 2D). 100% CPU usage on one core for 45min + until the import is complete. Generally this is in the last few numbers of the progress counter. I've also had to go back to 2018 to avoid some strange scaling issues when importing the same file.
  6. Mike Wright

    Speaker Tools

    @C. Andrew Dunning As Haydenovative I've had weights keep defaulting back to 90kg. I've not created any new speakers or bumpers for a while but will shout if I can replicate it
  7. Mike Wright

    VW2019/ Switching between drawing windows/ tabs - a VW bug?

    I am unable to re-create it consistently, I will report here if it happens again. To be honest it was pretty infrequent so it may have been fixed and I just haven't noticed
  8. Mike Wright

    VW2019/ Switching between drawing windows/ tabs - a VW bug?

    I have experienced the same with two tabs open. The tab is selected but you are in fact editing the other document, seems to happen particularly when swapping in and out of the resource manager. Only solution is to close the original document. Windows 10, VW2019 SP2
  9. Mike Wright

    Speaker Tools

    On my machine it is: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2019\Libraries\Defaults\Audio Tools I've taken to just editing the XML file contained there as I've had a few issues with 'save type to library'
  10. Mike Wright

    are there d&b bumper files

    @Rob Books - full dimensions are available on the dbaudio website
  11. Mike Wright

    are there d&b bumper files

    d&b bumpers are pretty simple. I just took the data from the rigging manuals. T, Y, V below:
  12. I often find when importing DWG files from clients that the line weights map to any number of different values. This is especially difficult to correct when symbols are involved Is there a way of setting all line weights in a document to one figure? In sheet layers I can set the line weight scale to make viewports work but this doesn't help in design layers Anything I can do?
  13. Mike Wright

    Vectorworks 2019 SP1 Updater Not Working

    Uglycat's solution may work, I ran the updater successfully but only after I had already installed SP2 as a full install.
  14. Mike Wright

    Vectorworks 2019 SP1 Updater Not Working

    Any news on this? Updater still does not work.
  15. Mike Wright

    Symbole request - Robe pickle patt

    Hi MJM I just used the photometrics form the Robe page Not a lampy so I'm not really bothered about the accuracy as we only really use them as eye candy https://www.robe.cz/index.php?type=10898&tx_odproducts_f[action]=downloadFile&tx_odproducts_f[file]=robe/downloads/photometrics/picklePatt_photometric_diagrams.pdf
  16. Mike Wright

    Gobos not rendering

    I have a Spotlight fixture with a gobo applied. I cannot get the gobo to appear in renders in the file that contains it. If i copy the light and focus point into a new file then import the renderworks style and background then the gobo appears again. Anything obvious? VW 2017, Windows 10
  17. Mike Wright

    Gobos not rendering

    So the official line is that the problem was caused by a corrupted renderworks camera. I have had this before, the solution is to create a viewport with the camera active and render that instead.
  18. Mike Wright

    Gobos not rendering

    Thanks Dan, I tried those steps a couple of times already, file is with VSS tech support just now, see what they come up with.
  19. Mike Wright

    Focus Point Selection after Insertion

    It's always done it and it's always frustrated me
  20. Mike Wright

    Strange perspective view behaviour

    This is very likely a biological error but when I change to any perspective view (in a design layer) I get what looks like a viewport crop. I can expand this but what is shown inside has a ridiculous F.O.V. Not sure what is going on. Switching back to orthagonal sorts the issue VW2018, windows 10
  21. Mike Wright

    Strange perspective view behaviour

    Thanks Zoomer, it's a document setting which is why it only occurred in this file
  22. Mike Wright

    PDF Export - Scale oddities with positioning?

    In the right hand pane of the Publish dialogue if you select one or multiple sheet layers you have an 'Options' button at the bottom
  23. Mike Wright

    replace rectangle with symbol

    @markddCan't believe I didn't know about this part of the convert tool!
  24. Mike Wright

    Strange projector behaviour

    I'm using the symbols provided for two epson projectors we have in our fleet. One of the symbols (1755) inserts fine with the projection screen tool. The other (1505) pings a warning that it is not a valid projector symbol and that a load of the measurements are not readable. The thing is the VS_mod data for each is identical except for the names, weights and wattage. I'm stumped! File attached with both models and a standard VW model for reference (VW2018) Epson Projectors.vwx
  25. Mike Wright

    Strange projector behaviour

    Thanks! That was my next step


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