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  1. Hello forum users. I am trying to create a Data tag from a selection of trusses. Is there a way to do this? I can't figure out how to do this. I try to get all the length of the used trusses in a selection. Greetings Martijn.
  2. Hello Forum users. I've got a question? Is there a way to get a Data-Tag rotate/align with a Bridle Leg? I've got a Data-Tag for my steel wire length as I configured it in the Bridle Configuration. Now I add the Tag to every bridle leg and the manually rotate it with the rotation tool. And this is a lot of work. Is there a way to auto rotate it to the leg? Greetings Martijn. Rotate along bridle leg.vwx
  3. Hello Wood. I'm a Dutch rigger and I'm having a lot of mail contact with jcogdell. All you're problems you've got I also discovered a few years a go. But I figured a lot of ways to work around the issues. First.. And this is how I see it. The auto bridle tool doesn't work. If you take structural members the snap point are never exact where you want your bridle. I prefer to draw a line "for a 2 leg" over the hoist crossing the beams and then draw a bridle. If you need a 3 leg bridle 🤔 how does vw knows from where you want to connect the legs. It always chooses the closest knots or snap points. For this part.. I don't care about influence lines or any of the advanced BW calculations for the venue steel. You can turn the influence lines off in your classes. But those calculations are really important. You can maker on a 5m or 16ft beam 20 3 way bridles and a 3 way can be quit flat "if you know your rigging" So the forces in X and Y can run up extremely fast while the Z forces stay the same. This.. Why aren't baskets being generated with the 'Assign parts automatically' button? Is in my opinion the worst tool in the BW plug-in. A 4 way bridle is retarded but the auto parts does not work at all. It just throws in steels at random blah blah blah. I discovered this this week. Make your plot create all your bridles make sure everything is good. Take the Select Similar Tool "magic wand". Select all bridles go to the Bridle Configuration. Delete for all legs all steel Leg 1,2,3 and Down leg. Then add the basket and Basket Dimensions for just one bridle if you got 3 way bridles select one of those. Then when you exit the Bridle Configuration. All fields are empty and every bridle has a basket and basket demensions. I do a lot of +200 hoist shows and adding steel for a bridle is just a ty job. But you have to do it. I created a simple data-tag just for steels. I add that to every leg in my drawing "that takes max 20 min". So when I add steels I can see what bridle I already did and when I print a bridle plot for the markout. I've got all steel length for every bridle "Shot 1" You can configure your hoist also through the Spotlight - Spotlight Numbering menu. You can tweak a lot of things there. Finally I think you should not try to skip steps in the rigging design procedure. Designing a rigging plot takes skill and time. All the automated tools I think are a nice extra. But if you start to trust BW to do all work and calculations for you...... nahhh I don't know. I wouldn't blindly trust it. Greetings Martijn.
  4. Where did the Select Similar tool "Magic Wand" go in Vectorworks 2024? Greetings Martijn.
  5. Hello Forum Users. I'm trying to make a Data-Tag for my bridles. With the steel length that I assigned in the bridle configuration tool. My Data-Tag is build to first show the Basket and then the Leg Steel info. But that means the basket is always on the left side or beginning. But sometimes I need it to be on the end. Depending how the leg is configured. Is there a way to mirror the Data-Tag with the text? I've added a sample file if that helps. Greetings Martijn Data tag auto mirror.vwx
  6. Hello everyone. Question. There is a new Data-Tag function where you can display the bridle parts in the tag. But? you can only display from one leg and i can't get the info from the other legs. Anyone any idea if it's possible to combine the data or the data-tags? Greetings Martijn. 1106062597_Bridledatatag.vwx
  7. Hello users. Does anyone knows how to setup the Bridle Configuration so that is empty. Now every time I add a bridle Vectorworks automatic adds steels, shackles and stuff into it. Is there a way to keep it empty? Greetings Martijn.
  8. Huh ? Got this message in my Braceworks calculation. Can't find it in the help file. Anyone?
  9. Hello Frans. What you can try to do is: Create a truss hinge. If you go to the Eurotruss FD34 Corner resource. There's a hinge folder. You can insert it into a new file. Then edit it. Select all exit the edit and paste in the drawing. Make it into a new symbol and convert to truss. In the truss properties choose the hinge tab. Under conectable with type F34. That should work. Greetings Martijn.
  10. Hello Users. I've got a worksheet formula translation problem. I got this code from my excel file. But that doesn't work with my worksheet. Does anyone has a solution? =ROUNDDOWN((E6-SUM($H$9:H9))/D10;0) I added my xls file as well for reference how the code should work. Greetings M Wingelaar. Worksheet code question.xls
  11. Hello Users. Did anyone had this problem before? I try to insert multiple truss connections on a truss. But as I insert new ones the other disappear. Any ideas?? Greetings Martijn Schermopname 2020-08-28 om 19.57.51.mov
  12. Hello Guys. Sorry for the late responce. But I was on a small holiday. 🤘😀🤘 But i'm gonna look into the files and options. I hope i get it working. Fingers crosed. Greetings M Wingelaar
  13. Hello M Graf. Thanks for the response. I'll have a look at it. Greetings Martijn.
  14. Hello Users. Can someone help me with a small problem. I'm trying to make a a connection between 1 and 2. Where if the outcome is smaller or equal to let's say is 0,5. It will show a a zero in my WS1 worksheet column E. Can't get it to work. Should be quit straight forward i think. Any ideas? Greetings Martijn WORKSHEET 4_ v2020.vwx
  15. Hello Mike. I've got the same with your drawing. But I've inserted some structural elements and a truss and ..... tata.... That works. Maybe it's the house rigging points tool. Personally i don't use those. Cause if you add a "house rigging point to a knot" on a beam. You get the knot loads but it won't calculate the load on the beam "Structural Member". If you use the click inserting mode it will work by the way. But not on a inserted truss. It won't snap. Greetings Martijn. Insert Bridle-quicktime.mov
  16. Hello Peter. Sorry for the late respons. Check this post i've posted a while ago. Greetings Martijn.
  17. Hello Mike. You probably need to change the Bridle Preferences. I use the Apex Height setting most of the time. But the problem with the tool is it works the wrong way around. Don't add a hoist. Add the truss and then create the bridle. In the truss a red square/diamond will appear click. And the bridle will be created. Choose replace down leg with hoist from the object info pallet. And that's it. The thing is that all your choices in the Preferences menu are the choices you don't want to use. But we don't have a choice. Hope this helps greetz Martijn.
  18. Hello Justin. I use the hinge that way but I liked the wrapper couse it made the angle adjustment easy. I hope there is a solution with a Braceworks symbol.
  19. Hello all. BenV posted a cool node last year. He made a swivel CB. Now I took his idea to use it with a truss bookcorner I've had a job last week where I needed it with braceworks. The only problem is that the symbol is on in an angle but with the node I can adjust it I only don't get it working with a braceworks truss symbol. Does anyone knows if that's possible and how? Greetings Martijn Bookcorner example.vwx
  20. Hello Scott Good question but... The eye-bolts are connected to a structural member "beam" I've been drawing a lot of structural members to speed up my bridle drawings. But it turns out that my drawings are becoming really slow. And it takes a lot of time for VW to process all the data. And the member is divided in to parts which means the bridle tool will snap diagonal instead of horizontal. Greetings Martijn
  21. Hello all. BenV posted a cool node last year. He made a swivel CB. Now I took his idea to use it with a truss bookcorner I've had a job last week where I needed it with braceworks. The only problem is that the symbol is on in an angle but with the node I can adjust it I only don't get it working with a braceworks truss symbol. Does anyone knows if that's possible and how? Greetings Martijn Bookcorner example.vwx
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