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Bridle tool problem

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Hello Mike.

You probably need to change the Bridle Preferences.

I use the Apex Height setting most of the time.

But the problem with the tool is it works the wrong way around.

Don't add a hoist.

Add the truss and then create the bridle.

In the truss a red square/diamond will appear click.

And the bridle will be created.

Choose replace down leg with hoist from the object info pallet.

And that's it.

The thing is that all your choices in the Preferences menu are the choices you don't want to use.

But we don't have a choice.


Hope this helps greetz Martijn.







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I'm still nowhere with this



Trim height setting makes no difference, it is only referred to if you are in 2D plan view


All I want to do is create a 2 leg bridle from a truss to two house points.  The simplest of things.


Below again the difference between what is predicted and what is actually drawn.


Also How can I connect a truss to a house point in a straight drop?  Single leg bridle does not work, it will not select automatically or manually.


I really am extremely disappointed with braceworks.  I spent some time persuading my employers to make the not inconsiderable investment, why should I now have to explain why it will not perform calculations for the simplest and perhaps most common rigging practices in the entertainment industry?




bridle 1.jpg

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Hello Mike.

I've got the same with your drawing.

But I've inserted some structural elements and a truss and ..... tata....

That works.

Maybe it's the house rigging points tool.

Personally i don't use those.

Cause if you add a "house rigging point to a knot" on a beam.

You get the knot loads but it won't calculate the load on the beam "Structural Member".

If you use the click inserting mode it will work by the way.

But not on a inserted truss.

It won't snap.

Greetings Martijn.


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20 minutes ago, Peter Neufeld said:

I think it's because if you had a rigging point directly above the truss, then it doesn't make sense to use a bridle, rather instead a dead hang or hoist.

Oh, but...

In a scenario where you have a beam that has a limit of 1000#s per every 15' and you want a 1ton point. You could want to bridle and split the load between two points on the same beam.

The workaround is to cheat and put beams going across so the Braceworks does the calcs. Then remove the extra bits.

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It is pretty common tor bridle off a beam or house points parallel to a truss if say you need to distribute your load or avoid HVAC/lower steel work.


This would seem to be a pretty big over-site.


And if the house points tool doesn't do parallel two leg bridles and you cannot attach a single hoist to it in a striaght drop then what on earth is it for?



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Hopefully a fix soon.


There is a similar manifestation of this problem I think in the below.  I am trying to draw a 2 point bridle from two structural members to be in line with the truss.  The bridle always draws at a slight angle:




Maybe this is something I am doing wrong?



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