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Rendering Times on Design Layer vs Sheet Layer

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Hi All,

Wondering if there's something I can do to help with this...


I create a Realistic Exterior Fast render in the Design Layers.  It takes about 4 minutes, reasonable, looks good, so I click Create Viewport and assign it to a Sheet Layer.

I go to the Sheet and click Update - only changing Scale beforehand.  This render takes an hour (!?!?!?!).

Anything I can do?

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Screen Rendering is only (a typical olf Monitors resolutio) 72 DPI.

If you would render a SLV with the same coarse Pixel amount

it would also render in 4 minutes.


So you can only lower your SL DPI resolution or decrease your SLVP's

size. Or you try to optimize Materials and Render quality.

Things that take a lot of render time and should be used with care

and only where necessary are :

Blurry Reflections





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