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  1. I've been playing with this some more, and I'm very confused now. My thinking is that I need to "open up" the stock symbol, add the lens (and a graphic I created to differentiate it), and then "close it back up" and have it be a lighting device not just a symbol. So far my attempts at various un-grouping and, record detaching and reattaching, have failed. But I'm going to keep at it, and may just have to resort to typing all the data in from scratch. I'm still interested in any and all advice. Cheers.
  2. Hi Again, I've begun taking the VW stock instruments that we use the most often and adding a lens to them for the realistic appearance of light in the fixture. That has all gone great. What's happening is that once I've created the final symbol and Converted to Instrument on the Spotlight dropdown, the data fields appear on the Shape tab, while the original stock instrument has the data on the Data tab. This in itself isn't much of a problem, but next I want to copy the data from the originals to the modified ones using either the Lighting Symbol Maintenance report, or, find a way to copy the Light Info Record from one to another (rather than typing everything out individually). My new, converted instruments are not present on this report, and I can't find a way to copy the Info Record from one to another. I've attached a VW project file to illustrate. Ideas? Thanks, Steve. Info_Record_Test.vwx
  3. Our purse-string-controllers only wanted a one-time investment to start with. 😉
  4. Doh! Right of course... Yes, the cloud would be awesome, not in our budget currently.... unfortunately. Thanks!
  5. Hi All, Wondering if there's something I can do to help with this... I create a Realistic Exterior Fast render in the Design Layers. It takes about 4 minutes, reasonable, looks good, so I click Create Viewport and assign it to a Sheet Layer. I go to the Sheet and click Update - only changing Scale beforehand. This render takes an hour (!?!?!?!). Anything I can do?
  6. Jim, Thank you so much for all your help. While I come from some past exposure to drafting, this was the first CAD software I'd ever touched, and in just over a year you have been instrumental in getting me up to speed such that VW has become a very important part of my company's work flow. Sorry to see you go, but we all should also take a lesson from your example of quality of life above work. Cheers, and all the best!
  7. Yes, from what I've read about this model, the onboard Intel cannot ever be taken out of the equation, you can just tell it to the 1050 when necessary. Data is sent to the 1050 to process and then renders go back to the Intel to pass on to the display. This certainly isn't ideal. Probably cost cutting in some way as far as design.
  8. Thanks All for the help on this. I did learn that even when using the 1050 GPU, the Intel GPU is the connect between it and the rest of the computer. The Intel decides what to pass off to the 1050. Things are still workable for "in a pinch/snow day/work from home" tasks, but as a main machine, it's not very happening. Cheers.
  9. I've had good/decent usability on my office computer (spec's in signature) with 2018, but I'm now trying to use my laptop, the spec's of which shouldn't be that far off in performance.
  10. Thanks Art V I'll check that. Yes, In the NVIDIA Control panel I have both the global and application preferences set to the High Performance (NVIDIA) GPU. And I am getting very good usability now with navigation in 3D WIreframe and OpenGL, but VW itself, menus, copying/pasting objects, selecting etc is painfully slow.
  11. Ah, sounds good! So would this GPU issue explain all the hanging I'm experiencing? Even just clicking a dropdown menu?
  12. Thanks for the assist again, I'll keep searching. Cheers. EDIT: Though I found this interesting.... Look at the Ambient Occlusion setting.
  13. lol, ya I tried that (device manager) already, got things back to staus quo though.
  14. Internal Monitor Yes, I've changed via the NVIDIA control panel. I'm still observing in the resource manager that only the Intel GPU is being used for everything.
  15. I just took a look at my GPU monitor and it looks like the app is still using the Intel one. The setting I changed was for the app to select the GPU, now I'll try setting system default to the 1050, and have the app use System Default. But here's the latest dxdiag before I do that, with VW open. DxDiag2.txt
  16. Default for Vectorworks wasn't set to the 1050, it is now, and am restarting, so far it's the same behaviour with Loading Spotlight Workspace.
  17. Forgot to mention I'm on Windows 10... (I'm double checking to make sure that Windows is using the 1050 for Vectorworks by default.) DxDiag.txt
  18. Hi Again All, I'm trying to work on an ASUS laptop with an i7-7700HQ CPU and a GTX 1050 GPU (which should be decent to my knowledge). I've disabled my anti-virus to reduce interferance, Startup hangs for approx 5 min at Loading Workspace, and then takes over 1 minute to recognize each individual mouse click. Does anyone have any advice? Cheers!
  19. Understood, that definitely makes sense. Thanks again!
  20. So I tried various things, and got this to work great in OpenGL with very basic settings: But in Realistic Interior RW I get this: I can't seem to find any way to get the GL look in the RW.
  21. I'm having Not Responding constantly this morning. Completely out of the blue, on a project I was working on with no issues on Friday. I don't even know how this is possible. After my THIRD computer restart, I re-opened the project, changed some layer visibilities, and drew a single 2D line, and the app froze again. I'm waiting to see this time if it actually does sort itself out. Going on 10 minutes now. Then: And as mysteriously as it appeared, the problem is gone. Then: And it's back. This is going to be a long day. Then: I tried to use the 2018 SP6 installer to get to the repair tool and got this screen: Then: I reopened VW and the project. I manage to get between 2-5 actions in before it freezes. I've started saving after every action. Has anyone ever experienced something like this? Thanks,
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