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Gobos not rendering

Mike Wright

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This happens to me fairly regularly. I render custom gobos frequently for one particular client. It's been happening since at least v2016. I've never been able to pin down exactly what makes it break, so I've never filed a bug report. Sometimes it happens when I move the fixture, other times it seems totally random.


My general solution is:

1) switch the gobo to something different (any generic stock object)

2) re-render

3) switch back to the gobo I actually want

4) render it again

5) repeat until it works


If you're using multiple fixtures, good luck! Sometimes you need to touch every single one to get it to stick.



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Thanks Mike. I'm not sure that I buy that official explanation, though. I *always* render using viewports with linked RW cameras. Sometimes the gobo mysteriously disappears, and I can make it come back without re-creating the viewport and linked camera. But until I can pin down exactly what causes it to break, I guess the official line will have to suffice.



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I've had the same occur in the past few days but with VW2020


In my case (and this has happened a couple of times) the gobos came back when I un-hid a certain class in the viewport.  The fixtures were NOT in this class. I duplicated a sheet layer including its' viewport, changed some class visibilities to hide some video screen objects and rendered - no gobos, no fixture geometry BUT the light was 'on' and casting shadows. I checked that the lights were not in the hidden class in the design layer, moved the video screen objects into a new class, enabled the original class in the viewport and the gobos and fixture geometry rendered.


very strange



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I just ran into this as well.  I had my scene set up, with 11 fixtures using gobos.  Adjusted light levels, changed colors, moved focus points, all with no issue at all.  I made one last color change to five of the lights and now no gobos at all.  I've removed the gobos, re-imported them, selected different gobos, refreshed fixtures (selected and globally), restarted the file.  Still no gobos.  Of course, I am on a deadline.  (hard to believe in our current pandemic shut-down)

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