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  1. danm01


    Two thumbs up for the Surface Book 2. Pricey but worth it! -Dan
  2. danm01

    Viewport render times

    It's not ideal, but one thing you can do is Publish the sheet layers containing the viewports. Vectorworks generates a publish log that tells you how long each sheet takes to produce. I say it's not ideal because there's no opportunity to cancel. But if you want to kick off a few different versions and go get some coffee... The log file report looks like this (file name removed): I do think having a way to track render time data within the program would be extremely valuable, and I've mentioned to Vectorworks team members on the phone and at trade shows. Generally the answer is something like, "well, you can see it on the lower right once the viewport has rendered." -Dan
  3. danm01

    Scale Bar glitch?

    I had this exact same problem! It was incredibly annoying, and I wish I could tell you how I solved it. I think it had something to do with my default font settings - size, alignment, etc. Also, maybe it also was related to working with a template that had been converted through several software upgrades. My best advice is to start from scratch using the scale bar tool, don't try to copy and paste from an older document. Good luck. -Dan
  4. Do they need to be 3D? What if you were to use some 2D image props and check the "crossed planes" option? That's way easier on the rendering engine. Alternatively - in the Resource Browser look for Entourage People. The old 3D symbols don't look very good in a rendering, but they are very low poly! The 2D people might be enough for you to demonstrate spacing and riser heights, they just don't simulate 3D like an image prop with crossed planes. -Dan
  5. danm01

    Switching Documents Broken - Windows

    This happens to me as well. It's unpredictable, but seems to happen most often after a number of complex operations. Replacing a bunch of symbols, mass updating records, that sort of thing. As BG said, the solution is to close Vectorworks and re-open. 2018 SP3, Windows 10.
  6. I have this same problem! Windows 10, Spotlight SP3. It was happening in SP2 also.
  7. As far as I know there's no built in command. You can write a script to do it though. I've got one to recalculate all worksheets in a file, but you could modify it to do just one specific instance by name. Vectorscript below. I set it up as a Plugin so I could make it a custom menu item. I borrowed and adapted this from someone else's work, so it's possible it could be simplified. Hope this helps. -Dan {Recalculate all worksheets in file} Procedure WSrecalc; VAR foundObject: handle; objname :String; i, n : integer; OK : boolean; function DoRecalc (h : handle) : Boolean; BEGIN RECALCULATEWS(h); RESETOBJECT(h); RESETOBJECT(GETWSIMAGE(h)); End; Begin n := NAMENUM; For i := 1 to n do begin foundObject := GETOBJECT(NAMELIST(I)); If GETTYPE(foundObject) = 18 Then ok := DoRecalc(foundObject); End; End; Run (WSrecalc);
  8. I love the rendered Panoramas. They really look great, and I think they're definitely worth the extra render time. However, I've got some challenges that seem to be related to Cloud Services and I'm wondering if anyone else has the same issues. 1) I've tested a few files and they all come out the same way. The JPG image is centered correctly when it's rendered. However, when viewed through the Cloud Services portal the camera starts off pointed towards the "left" side of the image rather than straight on center. 2) The user experience for a recipient opening the rendered image on an iPhone is not good. Regardless of whether I send the link email through Cloud Services OR copy and paste the link into an email, the recipient starts off seeing the "Comments" screen with the first line saying "Not allowed" (see attached image). In some cases, they can't click on the file to view it at all. I've tried with both Safari and Chrome. 3) It's possible to send a link to a file stored in my Dropbox account, but for some reason the recipient can't view the file unless it has been uploaded to the root Cloud Services folder. I have not tried it with other subfolders. Thanks, Dan
  9. danm01

    How to export an image w/out using sheet layers

    Honestly, I'm not sure why you would not want to use a Sheet Layer & Viewport. It makes it really easy. To get a specific resolution, you just need to use math. For instance, I have a SL set up as 20" wide by 11.25" tall. At 96 DPI, you get a 1920x1080 image. At 192 DPI, it's 4k. Publish to a JPG or PNG file and it looks great.
  10. danm01

    2018 Title Block fields?

    OK, that was really helpful. Thanks! I had not realized that this was done with records. In case this comes up for anyone else, this seems to work for me (Python script): #User defined project name strProjectName = vs.StrDialog('Set the project name','[changeme project name]'); #Sheet data record format and field strRecordName = 'Title Block Project Data' strRecordField = 'Project Name' def SetRecord(h): vs.SetRField(h,strRecordName,strRecordField,strProjectName); vs.ResetObject(h); criteria = '((R in [' + "'" + strRecordName + "'" + ']))'; vs.ForEachObject( SetRecord, criteria); The key is to use the ResetObject function after setting the drawing border field. Otherwise the record gets set but it doesn't display correctly until the drawing border is edited again. This works with Sheet data as well, but I have not messed with Revision or Issue at this point. Note that I'm a terrible coder, so there's no error checking or anything like that. But it does work! -Dan
  11. danm01

    2018 Title Block fields?

    I'm looking to modify the data contained in the revised Title Block tool via a script. In previous versions I had a worksheet embedded within my title blocks. In order to take advantage of the new field options I will need to modify a few scripts. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Dan
  12. danm01

    How to extend a line?

    What zoomer said, but with one key addition. See the image below: I've circled 2 key pieces that aren't clearly marked. The grid and circle with a dot switch the line from rectangular to polar coordinates. You can switch at will, it does not change the line in any way. The 3 dots below indicate something called "segment position." If you extend the line with the current setting, the additional length will go to the right. If you click the center dot, any extension will go equally to either side. Note that this applies to 2 dimensional shapes too, but there are 9 dots instead of 3. -Dan
  13. danm01

    Custom Video Screen Images in 2017

    I don't think the Resource Manager changed the process at all. It's been essentially the same for a long time now. I've made a few screen images since SP3 was released, but I'm using the Landru plug-ins as opposed to the Spotlight versions. What specifically are you having trouble with?
  14. Thank you! Glad I'm not crazy. This had me scratching my head for a while! -Dan
  15. Vectorworks Team, please take a look at this. I've attached 2 files: an original (reference test-original.vwx), and one referencing the original in a design layer viewport (reference test-DLVP.vwx). In the original, the lighting instrument is focused correctly. In the referenced DLVP, it's not. This is very clear if you render the model - you can see where the light from the instrument shows up. In the original, it casts a shadow from the focus point as expected. In the referenced DLVP it's pointed straight down. Is it supposed to behave this way? Thank you, Dan reference test-DLVP.vwx reference test-original.vwx


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