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  1. BSeigel

    Focus Point Selection after Insertion

    Hello @Charlie Winter I did look into this, it is working as designed and is not a bug. In fact, many commands that produce objects select the objects after creation (which is usually helpful). But, seeing as it is frustrating to so many users, and is fairly easy to change on our end, I have submitted an enhancement request to have it improved.
  2. I'll have to check up with our engineers as to why duplicating legends is behaving this way. But, I do have an easy workaround for now. If you duplicate the Label Legend while working in the Label Legend Manager it will reset the label positions. If you duplicate the Label Legend in the Resource Manager, the labels stay in position. Let me know if this works on your end as well.
  3. BSeigel

    Custom Light And IES Files

    Just finished testing, the IES profile has a huge spread and is very bright. (Even for a 200W LED) Dimming it produced more reasonable results.
  4. BSeigel

    VW 2019 SP2 foggy problem

    If I understand correctly, you are looking for a result like the image below. If thats the case, I would recommend editing the resource for your Renderworks Background and making sure that receive shadows is checked. Let me know if this helps.
  5. BSeigel

    [DATA BAR] XYZ v Distance.

    Found it
  6. BSeigel

    plugin /symbol stuck to layer

    You may also want to check that the symbol in not locked. Try right-clicking and choosing unlock.
  7. BSeigel

    plugin /symbol stuck to layer

    Are you available to share any pictures of what is happening or the file itself?
  8. BSeigel

    plugin /symbol stuck to layer

    What are your class and layer visibility options set to?
  9. BSeigel

    plugin /symbol stuck to layer

    Right-click on one of the edges of the object and then choose force-select. This will automatically activate the layer and class that the object is located on.
  10. BSeigel

    Astera Fixtures

    Happy to help!
  11. BSeigel

    Astera Fixtures

    Actually spoke with the content team about this yesterday. They are working on putting the library together as we speak.
  12. BSeigel

    Tool Set not displaying correctly

    Happy to help!
  13. BSeigel

    Tool Set not displaying correctly

    It would appear you are working on a version of Vectorworks that is not compatible with Mojave. I would suggest updating to SP5 and seeing if the issue persists.
  14. BSeigel

    MVR questions

    Hey @Simon Allan Looping in @bbudzon for some backup, but I'll do my best to answer these questions. It is important to note that while MVR export is now available in Vectorworks, this is a project that is being continually developed and optimized. This has to do with the way that programs using MVR treat lighting fixtures. Not every program uses a lighting device in the same way that Vectorworks does, instead they often use native geometry and parameters for how the lighting device should appear and function in their program. For this reason MVR contains info for a light's 3D location as well as some info about the light. The receiving program then decides what object belongs at that location, what attached info is relevant, and how it should behave. I would have to check up on this, but I might assume it has to do with the first answer. The rotation information is being applied to the geometry of a lighting fixture in a VWX file that is not being transferred through MVR. If true, this would be a sensible optimization for the future. Not certain what the reason for this is. But I have had several experiences where similar objects ended up grouped together. Another thing I'll need to ask about, but it may just be to simplify the drawing. This sounds like it is working as designed. MVR was created to contain information about lighting devices, 3D Geometry/Locations, and textures. All other info may be extraneous and could lead to larger file sizes and possibly less performance.
  15. BSeigel

    I can't select image

    Right-click the object then force select. Usually does the trick.


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