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  1. Hi Guys, This could be a silly question but does anyone know how to change the Z-axis(height) of the origin point?
  2. @Sky Thanks Sky, Do know where I can find that folder on Windows? The only files that I can find (C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 2019\Libraries) are below. - [Renderworks - Textures] - [Objects - Ent Lighting Gobos]
  3. Hi Guys, I'm having this problem with 2019. Any resolutions yet besides an uninstall? Thanks.
  4. Hey Guys, For some strange reason my antivirus is picking up a certain file as malware in VW2019 and quarantining it, therefore preventing me from opening VW. Below are the details: File Name: C:/Program Files\Vectorworks 2019\Plug-Ins\Plug-In Support.vlb Threat Name: Gen:Variant.Bulz.14887 Has anyone experienced this?
  5. Unfortunately I have not found a work around yet, I've tried all sorts of methods. I hope the VW team resolves this soon. I would love to use gobos in my renders more often.
  6. Thanks so much. Yes, totally, I have been doing so but still not much luck unfortunately. Will let you know if i find anything.
  7. Still having this problem in VW2019. Has anyone found a solution by any chance? For me it's pretty random, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Tried pretty much everything in this thread plus replacing fixtures and playing with beam angles and focus. Nothing really works consistently.
  8. Benson, you are the man. Thank you for this tip even if it is 10 years later.
  9. Hi Guys, Hoping someone can help. I've created a loft surface and added a texture. When i render in either custom or OpenGL all i get is a wireframe mesh render. Does any one know what i might be doing wrong?
  10. Hi Guys, Anyone else experiencing issues with SP3.1 update on W10? Basic functions are taking incredibly long to execute. for example, The softgoods tool freezes VW temporarily for about 5min every time I use the tool. Extremely frustrating. Importing 3ds files are also taking forever to execute and sometimes crashes VW. I didn't have this issue with SP3. Any help would be appreciated.
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