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I can't find any documentation on simple door 1 or 2 in the manual or online . I need to know how to change the defaults. it seems like this should be possible rather than changing the door from the object menu after it is inserted into a wall. Double clinking on simple door 1 or 2 brings up a simple door menu box but changing the values there does not change anything .

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you probably need to go into the plug-in via the 'vectorscript plug-in editor'(presuming you are in version 11). here you can find the plug-in and change certain things for the object.

i do find, though, that the defaults are set once you enter the info on the initial placement of the object in the dialog box.

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That really works. A follow up questions is where did you learn something like that? VW seems to be plagued by obscure little boxes like that are really important but lack any documentation that I can find. i have taken VW courses but stuff like that is only covered incidentally. thanks

After selecting the Simple Door PIO (single click), click on the farthest mode to the right (the mode bar is in the top left of the drawing window). It looks like two squares connected by a diagonal arrow. Reset the defaults as desired. Hope that works.

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I second that thought....... I have also been a user since MC4 and I have seen a lot of changes over the years. I may have some complaints and gripes about the so called improvements when a new version such as VW11 is released but with this forum at least you can either get the answer or some peace that it's just not you. I am running AC2000, AC2004 and VW11.0.1 on my system everyday and guess which one gets opened and used first 99% of the time.

Still the best out there for getting things done quick, which today is the name of the game

Tom in PA

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one of my suggestions is to use a template file to start a new project. If you have used a door and set the preferences, the last button on the mode bar, before you save the template file then when you place a door or window in that file it uses the vaules that you entered.

If you open all the tools in a template file and set the preferences for each tool the way you want them, then when you use that template file you should find that all the tools have the default settings that you want.

Thismight sound like a big task, but it only takes 5-10 minutes and it will save you heaps of time....

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