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  1. The dimension standards- file, document settings, document preferences dimensions, custom- seem to be frozen. No changes made in the custom dimension box has any effect on the document. Selecting different standards or creating new or deleting or replacing has any effect on the default dimension standard. Anybody help me with this. I am able to change the thickness of the slash. thanks
  2. I have a viewport that is twice the scale of the original plan. I can't figure out how to have the dimensions of the viewport read at the same standard 14 pt. font size as the original plan. Notes can be shown on the viewports at 14 pt but not the dimensions. Can viewports not be used to show "detail" plans with dimensions?
  3. I tried that but the windows disappear completely. I know they are still there but they are invisible. The layer and class are tuned on. What is stopping them from showing up?
  4. When I try to work on old files that have been converted to VW12 the windows and doors are "dead". That is the object info box is grayed so they can not be edited. How can I make the windows and doors active again in converted files.
  5. Not being able to print the "gray layer" has been an embarassment for me for years. I basically can't recommend VW12 to Architects because this is such a fundamental flaw in the application. All architectural drawings require "screened backgrounds". At least I know I am not alone now. Certainly someone must have a work around for this at this late date. What about printing? Could the printer be instructed to print the "VW gray layer" darker? Why would VectorWorks chose a default gray that does not print dark enough to be reproduced?
  6. It is of course unacceptable, at this late date, that VW can not print a grayed layer. Why have a grayed layer at all if it cannot be printed? Is it possible to change the color of the VW default gray so that it can be printed. I have a work around using Gimp where I increase the saturation, density etc, of the printer in order to make the gray layer visible but if I could darken the gray by two shades to begin with it would be a lot easier.
  7. mm

    simple door

    That really works. A follow up questions is where did you learn something like that? VW seems to be plagued by obscure little boxes like that are really important but lack any documentation that I can find. i have taken VW courses but stuff like that is only covered incidentally. thanks After selecting the Simple Door PIO (single click), click on the farthest mode to the right (the mode bar is in the top left of the drawing window). It looks like two squares connected by a diagonal arrow. Reset the defaults as desired. Hope that works.
  8. I can't find any documentation on simple door 1 or 2 in the manual or online . I need to know how to change the defaults. it seems like this should be possible rather than changing the door from the object menu after it is inserted into a wall. Double clinking on simple door 1 or 2 brings up a simple door menu box but changing the values there does not change anything .
  9. I have used VW8.5.2 and Mac OS9.2.2 for years. March 2003 I purchased one license of VW 10. VW10 was found to be incompatible with my networked HP1220c large format printer so I installed OS10 jaguar as an experiment. This did not solve the printing problem and created others problems ( like extreme slowness, wall joining problems, class disapperance etc.) so I went back to OS 9.2.2 and VW8.5.2. My I.T. guy figured out a new network printing solution with a new Hp printer driver/ Gimp and OS10.3(panther). VW 10 will now print in OS10.3 but it seems highly erratic, crashing when it automatically makes VW10 duplicate versions of vw8.5 files and forgeting its registration number. Today At Macworld the VW rep said that my promblems would be solved if I downloaded the lastest update to VW10. I tried that and found out that VW 10 is not compatible with the VW10.5 update. I did not get one hour of usable cad time from my VW10 purchase. What am I missing here? Is VW 10 incompatible with OS10.3.
  10. I talked to HP first they said that since it works with VW 8.5.4 it is has got to be a VW10 bug not a printer problem. Also it is difficult to talk to them because they don't really know ( neither do i ,neither does my I.T. guy) exactly what kind of printer support VectorWorks needs. Is there a fact sheet regarding exactly and technically what kind of output VW10 generates. Thanks
  11. I tried to upgrade to Mac Os10.2 and VW 10 at the same time. My I.T. guy worked for two days trying to get VW10 to print to my HP Deskjet 1220c ( 11x17 format) without success. He believed that Mac OS10.2 was the problem . He was trying to use Ghostwriter as a driver. This week he was going to uninstall OS10.2 but as an experiment I installed VW10 on an OS9.2.2 MAC and discovered that it had the same printing problem. The problem seems to be that VW 10 does not recognize any paper size other than letter, 8 1/2" x 11. In both VW 8.5 and VW 10 I have the document size set at ArchD and in the Hp 1220c Page Set Up box I have set it to tabloid- landscape- 50% scale. In the HP 1220c print dialog box VW 8.5 shows that it is printing to a tabloid size sheet but in VW10 it shows it is printing to a letter size sheet ( ignoring the page set up ). Only a 8 1/2" x 11 section of the VW 10 file is printed and that is printed about 2 inches down and off the boundaries of the sheet of paper. Is there a fix for this bug. thanks
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